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Josh Brolin

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Josh Brolin says 'panic' sets in when the Coen brothers offer him a role


Josh Brolin plays the lead of Eddie Mannix, a studio executive during the Golden Age of Hollywood, in the Coen brothers' new movie, 'Hail, Caesar!'

Led Zeppelin-Copyright Suit

LA jury to decide whether 'Stairway to Heaven' riff was lifted

Led Zeppelin's Jimmy Page and Robert Plant are named as defendants in a federal district court lawsuit that claims they copied the opening notes for "Stairway to Heaven" from a song by the band Spirit.

How the team behind 'Hamilton' brought 'Grease: Live' to TV

Director Tommy Kail and production designer David Korins applied some of their Broadway lessons to the live staging of “Grease: Live."

After shooting attack in Orlando, an unsure E3

The flags outside E3 are at half-staff following the Orlando shooting attack. However, it will seemingly be business as usual inside the video game trade show.

Tony Awards honors Florida victims; 'Hamilton' wins 11 categories

The 70th Tony Awards ceremony was dedicated to people affected by Sunday's deadly mass shooting in Orlando, Fla.

5 reasons not to drive anywhere in LA this weekend

All around the city, events and construction are hampering the flow of traffic. Maybe you should just stay home.

Here's everything you can see from home from video game mecca E3

It's probably too late to get inside the conference, which begins Sunday, but we have a rundown of the highlights and events you can see online.

E3 Sneak Peek: From virtual reality to androids

2,000 products. 20,000 fans. The blockbuster entertainment expo kicks off Sunday in downtown L.A. and virtual reality and mobile gaming will be among the big draws.

Can ticket buyers ever win the battle with the bots?

Music fans and Broadway audiences are at the mercy of companies that use computer programs, and even cheap overseas labor, to corner the market on tickets.

'American Tunes': Allen Toussaint's final album is poignant and bittersweet

Musician and producer Joe Henry finished recording the New Orleans legend's last recording just a month before Toussaint died late last year.

Groundbreaking artist Claire Falkenstein's infinite appeal seen in 2 new shows

Twenty years after her death, there are, amazingly enough, two generous shows of Falkenstein’s work going on in LA County. And there's always St Basil's on Wilshire Boulevard.

'Twilight Zone' aquarium exhibit brings deepest parts of the ocean to the surface

"Twilight Zone: Deep Reefs Revealed" features creatures from a place in the ocean where "sunlight is scarce and divers with traditional scuba gear cannot go."

There's a hidden museum of streetlights in downtown LA

Run by Los Angeles' Bureau of Street Lighting, it opens to the public for just 30 minutes, once a month.

'Desierto' explores the charged emotions of immigration

In 'Desierto,' a man takes border patrol duties into his own hands by shooting and killing a group of immigrants, one by one, as they cross the desert.

Hollywood Fringe: Tony Danza's prison pen-pal was Tupac Shakur

Leather and lace. Strawberries and pepper. Here's another surprising pairing: actor Tony Danza and rapper Tupac Shakur.

Is ‘Mary Poppins’ sacrosanct?

The classic “Mary Poppins” is iconic for its delightful story and beloved characters led by Julie Andrews as the magical nanny, so actress Emily Blunt has big heels to fill -- as does Disney -- in bringing back the character for “Mary Poppins Returns.”