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What you need to know about the Rim of the Valley proposal


The proposal calls for more than doubling the land managed within the Santa Monica National Recreation Area. It's so much land, the park may require a name change.

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"Stress tests" require water wholesalers to prove they have enough water

The State Water Resources Control Board is requiring all water wholesalers to guarantee they have enough water for the next three years of drought. Their plans are due Wednesday.

Light pollution hides Milky Way from 80 percent of North Americans, atlas shows

More than 99 percent of the people living in the U.S. and Europe look up and see light-polluted skies, according to a new atlas of artificial night sky brightness.

Caltech: San Andreas fault packing bigger punch?

New research looks at why portions of the San Andreas fault have been so silent. One theory suggests that the energy building up in the fault could go beyond traditional quake models.

5.2-magnitude earthquake shakes California desert area

A moderate earthquake hit the Palm Springs area early Friday and was felt across parts of Southern California, but there were no immediate reports of damage.

Air quality agency to offer ways to stem the stench from Sylmar landfill

The landfill is based in Sylmar, but Granada Hills has borne the brunt of bad smells. Steps to minimize the odors so far haven't worked, so here's what's being tried next.

AllenCo to pay $1.25 million to LA in lawsuit settlement

An AllenCo oil facility near USC has been the source of fumes and odors that neighbors say have caused health problems. Critics call settlement inadequate.

Abandoned Echo Park oil wells seeping gas will be sealed

Authorities say the wells are seeping only tiny amounts of gas and don't pose any imminent danger but they continue to deteriorate.

Here's how tarantula venom can help make better pain meds

The team at UC San Francisco's David Julius Lab has discovered that the tarantula, of all creatures, could actually help improve pain medication.

Coachella Valley sprays to combat mosquito infestation

Coachella is combating a local infestation of a Aedes aegypti, a species of mosquito that can transfer diseases such as Zika virus, yellow fever and dengue.

DWP board approves new 25-year water use plan

Critics call projections of available water optimistic. They say the new plan encourages unsustainable growth. DWP says its job is accommodate growth.

Chimney Fire 95 percent contained, Pacific Crest Trail reopened

A fire that burned over a thousand acres in and around Chimney Peak starting June 1 is close to 100 percent containment as of Monday morning.

Beekeepers feel the sting of stolen hives

Beekeepers make money renting out hives to pollinate crops. But in California, thefts are on the rise. That's led to a hive shortage that is driving up demand, costs — and more thefts.

Calabasas fire that burned 516 acres is mostly contained

By Sunday afternoon, the Old Fire, which began burning on Saturday at Mulholland Highway near Old Topanga Canyon Road, was 75 percent contained.

Temecula Fire creates major traffic jam on I-15

The blaze, which ignited some time on Saturday morning and was reported south of Temecula Parkway, has burned 139 acres.