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Democratic Presidential Candidates Debate In Miami

Are young voters behind Clinton's win in California?

Polls ahead of Tuesday's primary showed the two candidates in a near dead heat. But young voters may not have delivered for the candidate they heavily supported, Bernie Sanders.

Berta Aceves at her store in El Paso, Texas.

Latinos and American identity in a time of Trump: A postcard from El Paso

Donald Trump's comments about a Latino federal judge have sparked discussion about racism and bias. But to many Latinos they're about historic burden.

In a huge shift, most Californians now support transgender law

If you support allowing transgender students to use whatever bathroom they feel matches their gender identity, you can thank millennials. They've driven rapid change on the issue.

PolitiFact: 'Pants On Fire' for claim that Sanders won Calif.

Bernie Sanders ran a strong race in California, but a headline published by the online publication Justice Gazette stated: "Bernie Sanders Wins California Landslide But ⅔ of his Votes Aren’t Counted." PolitiFact checks this claim.

A nod from the Head of State rarely leads to a win in November

President Obama officially endorsed Hillary Clinton's run for the White House Thursday. Here's what history tells us about the power of a presidential green light.

A Clinton-Warren ticket: potential dream pairing or keep on dreaming?

A private meeting between Elizabeth Warren and Hillary Clinton this morning is fueling speculation that the Clinton camp might be entertaining the possibility of making Warren her running mate.

Affordable housing, child care are top priorities in new state budget agreement

More money in the California state budget will be headed to child care and affordable housing after lawmakers reached an agreement with Governor Jerry Brown yesterday.

California continues count of more than 2.5 million unprocessed ballots

Some 2.5 million ballots still need to be counted from Tuesday's election, the majority of which are are vote-by-mail ballots.

Gov. Brown, legislature agree on California budget

Brown and Democratic legislative leaders reached an agreement on a state budget that expands funding for subsidized child care and eliminates a controversial welfare policy.

President Obama endorses Hillary Clinton, Clinton 'thrilled' to have it

After the bitter primary battle between Clinton and Bernie Sanders, the president is choosing to endorse Clinton, as the party seeks to unify.

Sanchez seeks support from Republicans and Independents

Looking ahead to November, U.S. Rep. Loretta Sanchez billed herself as the more moderate choice for the U.S. Senate seat and said she'd appeal to conservatives.

Orange County judge who had sex in chambers wins reelection

Scott Steiner beat veteran prosecutor Karen Schatzle 56 percent to 44 percent in Tuesday's election.

Sen. Boxer on the race to replace her and her plans for retirement

The junior senator for California, first elected in 1976, is retiring from the Senate at, in her own characterization, 75 years young. She talked with us about what's next.

Turnout improves in LA County, with half a million ballots left to process

Semi-final official returns show an L.A. County turnout of 29.9 percent, up from the presidential primary four years ago, but far below the 55.2 percent of eligible voters who turned out in 2008.

State regains control of Central Valley prison's health care

The state is regaining responsibility for providing medical care at a fourth state prison as it works to end a decade of federal control.