What a record-high voter registration could mean for the Primary

California Secretary of State Alex Padilla and Loyola Law School Professor Jessica Levinson provide a deeper look at these numbers.

Could a Republican break through in California's Senate primary?

On Tuesday, Californians will send two U.S. Senate candidates to the November general election. Under the state’s “top two” primary system, those candidates can be from any political party – but polls show two Democrats in the lead.

Was California the last weekend at Bernie's house of hope?

Bernie Sanders has said he will contest every last vote. But does anyone think he will command as much attention after Tuesday's primary as he did this past weekend?

Bernie, Hillary, Donald: Where are they now?

With only a few days left before the California primary election, the three remaining presidential contenders are blitzing the Golden State.

Trump presses case that 'Mexican' judge Curiel is biased against him

Donald Trump verbally attacked the judge presiding over fraud lawsuits against Trump University — saying Indiana-born Gonzalo Curiel is biased against him because "he's a Mexican."

A record 18 million voters registered ahead of California primary

According to the final voter registration report released Friday, 17,915,053 people are registered to vote in the primary. That's 72.29 percent of those eligible.

South LA hosts gun violence vigils

The services are part of a continuing effort to reduce gun violence in the district, also being used as a local assemblyman pushes a gun violence bill.

Protesters punch, throw eggs at Trump supporters in San Jose

Donald Trump went to San Jose and a dozen or more people were hit, car windows were broken, Trump hats were set on fire and eggs were thrown.

Human Voter Guide: Vote by mail tips and candidate research

This Human Voter Guide segment is the fourth in our question and answer series on Take Two. We help you find answers to voting questions!

Bill seeking to extend Obamacare to unauthorized immigrants sent to governor

A bill that would let California seek a waiver to the Affordable Care Act and open up health coverage to immigrants who are in the country illegally is headed to the governor.

Speaker Ryan: 'I'll be voting for' Trump

House Speaker Paul Ryan says he's going to vote for Donald Trump.

Candidates debate for Knabe’s seat on LA County Board of Supervisors

The most important vote those in LA County will cast this June is arguably NOT one for president, but for the Los Angeles County Board of Supervisors.

Fact check: Has Donald Trump broken GOP voting record?

During a campaign speech in Sacramento on Wednesday, Donald Trump repeated claims about how many votes he’s received in the Republican presidential primary. PolitiFact California sets out to check his claims.

Judge rejects lawsuit claiming denial of voting rights

The Voting Rights Defense Project had argued that county elections officials were failing to inform unaffiliated voters that they could seek a crossover ballot.

Clinton, Sanders look to mobilize complacent California voters

While Clinton needs a mere 71 delegates from states voting on June 7 to claim the nomination, the fight against Bernie Sanders in California has heated up.

Voter turnout for presidential primaries is usually low. Could 2016 be different?

If past elections are any guide, turnout for the next week's presidential primary election may be underwhelming in Los Angeles County, even with a heated Democratic campaign.