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06/23/2017: Where does Trump stand with the tech world?

The Trump White House is wrapping up its tech week. Over the past several days, the administration discussed everything from emerging technology (like 5G networks) to ways it could modernize the government's workforce. Recode senior editor Tony Romm joined us to give his thoughts on whether the administration "gets" where tech is and knows how to move forward, and talked about a clash that went on between Apple CEO Tim Cook and Trump. Plus: To cap off the week, we're playing Silicon Valley with Nadia Boujarwah, co-founder of Dia&Co., a clothing delivery site for sizes 14 and up. 

06/22/2017: The rise of cryptocurrencies

Uber is looking to the future after investors pushed CEO Travis Kalanick to resign. But with old lawsuits still trailing the company, we'll discuss whether Uber can truly move forward and if an IPO is in its near future. Afterwards, we'll look at Tesla's scramble to keep up in the self-driving car race, and then talk about the surge in cryptocurrency prices over the last few months.

06/21/2017: Crowdsourcing our brains

President Trump has called for a "sweeping transformation of the federal government's technology," but is that achievable? Matt Cutts of the U.S. Digital Service — which works on modernizing tech, one crisis at a time — joined us to talk about what his team does and whether progress is possible. Afterwards, we'll look at Amazon's latest attempt at world domination: the launch of a clothes shopping service that will let you order clothes and return them for free if you don't like them. And finally, we'll chat with Louis Rosenberg, CEO of Unanimous AI, about "swarm intelligence," which groups people together so that they can come up with the best solutions possible.

06/20/2017: An industry where automation might be a positive

When we talk about automating jobs, we often think it's bad for workers. But in the garment industry, which can be known for tough hours and dangerous conditions, could it actually be a good thing if robots took over millions of jobs? Motherboard's Ankita Rao joined us to talk about this tension, along with companies that are developing machinery in this space. Afterwards, we'll chat with the chief marketing officer of GrubHub about whether the food-delivery space is becoming a little too crowded. 

06/19/2017: Planning a chance encounter

Perhaps you've seen pics of Apple's new campus in Cupertino. It's futuristic, elegant and reportedly costs about $5 billion. Lord Norman Foster, one of the lead architects on the project, shared with us how the design came to be and how architecture can be "a force for good." Afterwards, we'll look at the link between workplace design and productivity. Ben Waber, CEO of Humanyze, explains why so many companies rely on big, open workspaces, and what he thinks a next-generation tech office space should look like. 

06/16/2017: A gathering between Trump and the tech world

The White House and Silicon Valley are meeting up to try to make the federal government run better — whether or not each really wants to. On Monday, the newly created American Technology Council will gather for the first time to try to change up how the government uses digital services. Tony Romm, a senior editor at Recode, joined us to talk about the major tech CEOs who might show up, along with key tech issues the White House has its eye on. Afterwards, we'll play this week's Silicon Tally with Justin Haywald, the managing editor of Gamespot, and then look at the Grammys' plans to allow online voting.