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Orlando shooting in context with the presidential election, the LGBT community and Islam, Los Angeles mourns Orlando victims

How can the Orlando shooting alter the conversation around gun control in the election? Islam and the LGBT community, Angelenos react to Orlando events.

Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton address supporters at a Florida rally in October 2008.

Presidential endorsements, Copa América update, tattoo recognition technology

The effectiveness of a presidential endorsement, Copa América continues, plus a tattoo database may be violating privacy laws.

President Obama Holds a Press Conference

The love hate relationship between politics and the media, Zika and the Olympics, the long history of potty parity laws

Examining the role that the media has played this primary season, a look at the athletes and media skipping out on the games, more on the history of potty politics.

CA Primary Polling Place -

Dissecting the California primary, West Hollywood's pride festival and is animal venom the key to better painkillers?

Political roundtable dissects the CA primary outcome, WeHo's Pride festival divides LGBT community, does Tarantula venom hold the key to better pain medication?

Dumbfounded safe video

Debt and consumer rights, Korean-American rapper on his music and diversity in Hollywood, Grim Sleeper verdict

Consumer options and medical debt, Korean-American rapper Dumbfoundead on his new song "Safe", the sister of Grim Sleeper's youngest victim on case's verdict.

Bernie Sanders speaks at a rally Friday in Seattle. Sanders won by a big margin in Washington state and hopes to pick up more big wins in coming weeks.

Is a contested convention a possibility? Voter registration numbers, LA's changing retail landscape

Bernie Sander's has said this summer's convention will be contested, is that likely? A look at voter registration numbers, retail and shopping are changing in LA.