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Take Two: A year in the life of a Cal Fire wife

On Friday's show:

  • Your weekly round-up of Golden State politics.
  • From the perspective of a Cal Fire wife.
  • UCI begins research into medical benefits of marijuana.
  • A family seeks a new life in the San Fernando Valley while federal officials consider whether to deport them.
  • Deputy misconduct leads to distrust in the justice system.
  • An Angeleno restaurant representing Filipino culture.
  • This heat wave was so bad, it burned leaves off of trees.
  • No weekend plans? No problem. We have a list of all the best events.

AirTalk: A check in on the Holy Fire in Orange and Riverside counties

Highlights from Friday's show:

  • A check in on the Holy Fire in Orange and Riverside counties
  • The city of Santa Monica is being sued in state court for violating California’s Voting Rights Act
  • Plug it in, plug it in: Assessing the impact of charging EVs on California’s power grid
  • Should California extend hours of sale for alcoholic beverages?
  • FilmWeek: ‘BlacKkKlansman,’ ‘The Meg,’ ‘The Miseducation of Cameron Post’ and more
  • Discussing the Oscar-winning screenplay of ‘Chinatown’ with its screenwriter, Robert Towne
  • And on Monday's show: AirTalk's weekly political roundtable checks in on the latest in politics, including what's to come in Paul Manafort's criminal trial and the impact of President Trump announcing he's doubling tariffs on steel and aluminum from Turkey