Southern California Public Radio News Staff

The hosts, producers and others who make what you hear -- both on air and off.

Erika Aguilar Orange County Reporter
Elizabeth Aguilera Community Health Reporter
Edgar Aguirre Managing Director, External Relations and Strategic Initiatives
Ashley Alvarado Public Engagement Editor
Ben Bergman Senior Reporter, Southern California Economy
Julian Burrell KPCC contributing producer
Monica Bushman Associate Producer, Take Two
Alex Cohen Host, Take Two
Jon Cohn Managing Producer, Forum Programs & Live Events
Austin Cross Associate Producer, Take Two
Mark Crowley Vice President / General Manager
Matt Dangelantonio Associate Producer, AirTalk
Bill Davis President and CEO
Leo Duran Producer and Reporter, Take Two
Charlotte Duren Producer, Forum Programs & Live Events
Kevin Ferguson Producer/ Reporter, Off-Ramp
Deepa Fernandes Early Childhood Development Correspondent
Brianna Flores Apprentice News Clerk, AirTalk
Brian Frank Digital News Producer
Lori Galarreta Apprentice News Clerk, Take Two
Kellie Galentine Apprentice News Clerk, Digital
Andrea Gardner News Editor
Oscar Garza Senior Producer, The Frame
Annie Gilbertson Investigative Reporter
Paul Glickman Senior Editor, Health Care & Investigative
Steve Gregory Environment and Science Editor
Joanne Griffith Editor, Take Two
Emily Guerin Environment Reporter
Adolfo Guzman-Lopez Education Correspondent
Marc Haefele Commentator, Off-Ramp
Lance Harper Chief Engineer
Mary Hawley Vice President of Underwriting Sales
Stephen Hoffman Producer, Take Two
John Horn Host, The Frame
Josie Huang Correspondent
Hettie Lynne Hurtes Anchor, Midday News
John Ismay Veterans And Military Issues Reporter
Doug Johnson Vice President, Technology & Operations
Lisa Brenner Katz Producer, Mobile Content
Chris Keller Data Editor/News Applications Developer
James Kim Assistant Producer, The Frame
Carol Komatsuka Vice President, Development
Michelle Lanz Associate Producer, The Frame
Evelyn Larrubia Interim Managing Editor for News
Megan Larson Senior Producer, Take Two
Kristen Lepore Elections Project Manager
Veronica Lopez Director, Underwriting Sales
Darby Maloney Arts & Entertainment Editor, The Frame
Larry Mantle Host, AirTalk
Jacob Margolis Associate Producer, Take Two
A Martínez Host, Take Two
Meghan McCarty Commuting and Mobility Reporter
Sharon McNary Politics Reporter
Aaron Mendelson Associate Digital Producer, Data
Dorian Merina Reporter/ Producer, Take Two
Patt Morrison KPCC Contributor
Elizabeth Muñoz Digital Apprentice News Clerk
Priska Neely Arts Education Reporter
Fiona Ng Producer, AirTalk
Audrey Ngo Apprentice News Clerk, AirTalk
Rebecca Nieto Senior Producer for News
Stephanie O'Neill Health Care Correspondent
Lauren Osen Senior Producer, Airtalk
Sandra Oshiro Politcs Editor
Rina Palta News Editor
Rita Pardue Production Manager/ Station Imaging Voice
Rebecca Plevin Health Reporter
Mary Plummer Senior Politics Reporter
Steve Proffitt Program Developer
John Rabe Host, Off-Ramp
Bianca Ramirez Producer
Rob Risko Director of Membership
Mike Roe Digital News Producer
Leslie Berestein Rojas Immigration and Emerging Communities Reporter
Nick Roman Host, All Things Considered
Alex Schaffert-Callaghan Managing Director, Digital Strategy & Innovation
Elina Shatkin Digital Producer
Melanie Sill Vice President of Content
Nick Stoffel Producer
Kyle Stokes Education Reporter
Frank Stoltze Correspondent
Maya Sugarman Photo/Video Journalist
Quincy Surasmith Digital Assistant Producer, Forum & Live Events Team
Sanden Totten Science Reporter
Jasmin Tuffaha Producer, AirTalk
Maura Walz Education Editor
Susanne Whatley News Anchor
Eric Zassenhaus Sr Editor, Digital