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Mary Plummer is a Senior Politics Reporter for KPCC. Prior to that, she was a reporter on KPCC's education team, and an associate producer for the radio station.

Mary began her career in broadcast at ABC News in London, where she worked on TV stories for the network’s news lineup and regularly covered Europe for

Mary holds a master's degree with honors from Columbia University’s Graduate School of Journalism in New York City, where she won the Richard T. Baker Award for multimedia reporting. She earned her bachelor’s degree from Chapman University in Orange County, California. In 2017, she was a winner of the Associated Press Television and Radio Association’s top award for Best Investigative Reporting. Her work has been published by the Washington Post, the New York Times, NPR, PBS/THIRTEEN and the Yomiuri Shimbun.

Mary grew up in Anchorage, Alaska.

Stories by Mary Plummer

Richelle Huizar to run for L.A. City Council in 2020

The Los Angeles City Council elections are a ways off, but candidates are already lining up to compete in 2020. 

L.A. County to see more non-English voting help in November

A new report out today from the U.S. Commission on Civil Rights found continuing voting problems for people of color and people with disabilities.

New bracelet program to help locate those with dementia who go missing

People with dementia and autism are often at risk of wandering off. This week, L.A. County started a new program aimed at helping that problem. The key ingredient? A bracelet that can be tracked from the ground and by helicopter.

LA County is giving away bracelets to help you keep tabs on loved ones with dementia or autism

Caregivers know how scary it is to try to find someone who has wandered off in a county that covers 4,000 square miles. A similar program in Glendale has a 100 percent success rate.

Election security under focus following cyberattack on local campaign

Orange County elections officials are ramping up security ever since reports emerged of Russian hacking during the 2016 election. Their efforts come in the midst of news that cyberattacks occurred during Orange County’s primary campaign.

Software problem caused LA County voter roster error

An error left over 118,000 names off of Los Angeles County voter rosters during the statewide June 5 primary election. A new report points to the cause.

Republicans see opportunities in California, hope to seize them

Ahead of the November mid-term elections, attention has been riveted on several key GOP congressional districts in Southern California that the Democrats hope to flip to regain the U.

Newsom and Villaraigosa, once political enemies, make nice

Democrats are consolidating their support behind Gavin Newsom who is running for governor. He and his former rival and fellow Democrat, Antonio Villaraigosa, held a press conference in Los Angeles announcing the former LA mayor's plans to support Newsom's campaign.

In SoCal House races, primary vote brings good news for Dems

California officials are still finishing up the ballot count for the June 5 primary. But early clues signal that key congressional seats could turn from red to blue.

Villaraigosa backs Newsom in LA after failed gubernatorial bid

Antonio Villaraigosa, who fell short in his bid to be California's net governor, joined frontrunner Gavin Newsom at Homeboy Industries' Homegirl Cafe in Los Angeles on Tuesday. L.A.

Ballots of voters left off rosters to be counted by Friday

It’s been over a week since a printing error left about 118,000 names off voter rolls in Los Angeles County during the primary election on June 5. Here's an update.

Votes of those left off rolls in LA County now counted

Late Friday, L.A. County finished tabulating the votes of all those whose names were missing from primary day rosters. About 118,000 people were affected. Even though those voters' ballots are now counted, there are still about 220,000 remaining ballots to go before the vote count can be certified.

In Orange County, Keirstead leads Rouda by 370 votes

Across California, election officials are still counting ballots following last week’s primary election. One U.S. House race in Orange County, CD-48, is so close only 370 votes separate two of the candidates trying to make the runoff.

What we know about the LA County primary 'glitch'

Roughly 118,000 names went missing from Los Angeles County voter rosters during Tuesday's primary election. What we know about what happened and what's next.

California's next governor: Democrat Newsom to face Republican Cox

Gavin Newsom came into Tuesday's primary with polling showing he had a significant lead. And not long after the polls closed, the current Lt. Governor and former San Francisco mayor was declared the winner.