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LA Supervisors set to vote on drug take-back ordinance — again

The board has postponed four previous votes on a proposal that would force drug makers to design and pay for a disposal program for unused prescriptions and sharps.
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Study finds tone of voice can help predict marital fate


The tone of voice you and your partner use with each other is a key to determining whether your relationship will get better or worse, USC researchers find.

Costco: FDA tests point toward E. coli in salad vegetables


The Food and Drug Administration says that the strain of E. coli seems to be connected to an onion and celery mix from a California wholesaler.

Kaiser program brings hospital care to the patient's home


Inland Empire initiative lets some patients with pneumonia, congestive heart failure or cellulitis the option of receiving care at home instead of in the hospital.

Common ADHD medications do indeed disturb children's sleep


There's been plenty of disagreement over whether stimulant drugs used to treat ADHD interfere with children's sleep. A review of studies finds the drugs make it harder to fall asleep and stay asleep.

Breaking the mental health taboo in Orange County churches


Two years ago, evangelists Rick and Kay Warren launched a faith-based mental health outreach effort. One Catholic church in Cypress was ahead of the curve.

An MRI of the brain's connections may reveal ADHD


By assessing the strength of certain connections in the brain with an MRI test, researchers were often able to tell whether children and adolescents had attention deficit hyperactivity disorder.

Giving victims of domestic violence a belated Thanksgiving


"The meal in this shelter with other women is the first time they haven't had to deal with the tension, or the worry of getting beat up after the meal's over."

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Mendocino coast fights to keep its lone hospital afloat


Tourists love California's Mendocino coast for its redwoods, surf and charm. But the battle to keep the area's only hospital afloat is pitting hospital administrators and doctors against each other.

Let them eat sugar sculpture! The Getty celebrates edible table art


The party animals of Europe made festive, elaborate centerpieces from food from medieval times through the 18th century. Among the most notable tradition: the sugar monument.

Surgeon general visits garden program at South LA school


The visit was aimed at supporting health initiatives in inner-city neighborhoods starved for fresh produce and grappling with childhood obesity.

Is sex once a week enough for a happy relationship?


A study of thousands of people, most in committed relationships, finds that having sex about once a week correlates best with happiness and well-being. More didn't turn out to be better.

Does defensive medicine mean fewer malpractice suits?


A study suggests it might, which could pose a challenge for efforts to cut spending. But two doctors say there's another way: involve patients in treatment decisions.

It's a necklace and it could be a lifesaver: Wearable health gadgets


The challenge from UNICEF: Make a wearable device that can improve health. And the winners are...

State takes first steps in expanded Exide cleanup effort


Some residents of East L.A., Boyle Heights, Maywood and Commerce have begun receiving letters informing them that their property may be contaminated with lead.

Why the world is falling behind in the campaign to kill measles


The goal was to pretty much wipe out the childhood disease this year. There are success stories in Bangladesh and Nepal. But there's bad news, too.

Drink to your health: Study links daily coffee habit to longevity


People who drank three to five cups of coffee per day had a lower risk of premature death than those who didn't drink, a new study finds. Decaf seems to have the same benefit.