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Pilot's husband doesn't believe she survived collision

Damian Dovarganes/AP
| A massive search was launched and some debris from a plane carrying two men was quickly found. But there was no sign of Mary Falstrom or her plane.

Brentwood residents sound off about Sunset traffic


Frustrated Westsiders attended a community meeting to discuss gridlock on Sunset Boulevard near the 405, where many complained it can take an hour to drive one mile.

Fuel up! California's pricier summer gas is on the way


Gas prices are still decreasing in SoCal. But unfortunately, that won't last for long. It's that time when refiners shut down and prepare to make 'gluten free' gasez.

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Da home of the perpetrators of last December's mass shooting in San Bernardino is up for sale, and selling a home with a notorious history will be tough.

LA County warehouse fire forces evacuations, knocks out power


About 200 residents have been evacuated so far, and Southern California Edison said about 3,100 customers were without power early Tuesday morning.

Here's how Metro's proposed sales tax could be recalled


Los Angeles County's transit agency wants voters in November to approve a new sales tax to fund billions in transportation projects.


Metro Gold Line delays continue during Monday afternoon commute


Commuters who regularly take the Gold Line should expect delays on Monday afternoon due to maintenance on power lines that were damaged over the weekend.

Why LA's worst streets are likely to stay that way for a while


The city spends most of its limited street repair budget maintaining good and fair streets while devoting just two of every ten dollars in the budget to fixing more expensive poor streets.

LA developing national model to help LGBT foster kids


Some parents are afraid to foster or adopt an LGBT kid because they think they're different. Experts are trying to teach people that they aren't.