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Questions we're asking now:

Let’s talk about the legalization of marijuana

KPCC’s “Take Two” wants to know what this would mean for you.

Off-Ramp asks: What does Father’s Day mean to you?

What traditions, if any, do you have?

Is that legal? What's your question for the CHP?

Can you eat while driving? Is tailgating illegal? What about road rage?

Send us your SoCal transportation questions

What are your transportation questions (Car versus public transportation? What’s the best route home)? What interests you most?

#IfIHadAVote: What does voting mean to you?

As part of the California Counts collaboration, we’ve been asking community members about the issues most important to them this election season. We also want to hear from people who aren’t eligible to vote: children who aren’t old enough, permanent residents, undocumented residents and those currently incarcerated or on parole.

What draws you to Donald Trump the candidate?

Share your insights and help inform KPCC’s reporting.

#WhoMailedIt: What claims are candidates sending to your mailbox?

Whether we call them pamphlets or brochures or leaflets, candidates send off their qualifications and tout their message on stylized pieces of paper that arrive in our mailboxes. But on these pieces of paper, what claims are candidates for office making?

Have you ever felt out of place in your neighborhood?

Please take a few moments to answer our questions, and you’ll help inform an upcoming Take Two segment.

What does it mean to be a millennial?

If your birth year falls in the 1980–2000 range, we’d like to hear from you.

What makes a good school?

KPCC's Take Two wants to take a close look at the education landscape in the Los Angeles area: the public schools, magnets, charters, private institutions, and dual-language programs out there. Help by letting us know what – to you – makes a good school.

Have you or a loved one been affected by an environmental crisis?

KPCC wants to know what changed about your daily life and whether you tried to fight for compensation.

What's the best fusion food spot in Orange County?

Help us route a fusion food–centric event with KPCC In Person.

Raise your hand, California. Tell us why you’re planning to vote in 2016

We want to know the issues that matter most to you. What’s inspiring you to vote in 2016?

How do you answer the question, 'What are you?'

And how does the way you answer that question reflect your day-to-day life?

Veterans, what was your experience leaving the service?

KPCC veterans and military issues reporter John Ismay is looking to speak with veterans about their experiences leaving the service and their time afterward.

How does your commute affect your love life?

Do you need a car to date? Just how far would you drive for a date?

Let's talk about your vote

What’s inspiring you to vote—or not? How does how you identify shape your views of the election?

Would you welcome refugees to your community?

Tell us how the debate about refugees and national security is playing out in your life. Would you welcome them to your community?

Drop some rain knowledge: What tips do you have for SoCal?

What are your tips for living, driving, and thriving in the rain?

How are you preparing for El Niño?

Are you doing anything to prepare for El Niño? Maybe getting your roof checked, rain gutters installed, or re-upping your flood insurance?

When you talk about police at home, what conversations are you having?

Help shape KPCC’s continued coverage and understanding of what community members are experiencing. When you talk about police at home, what conversations are you having?

What do you want the next superintendent to know about your school?

As the Los Angeles Board of Education searches for a new superintendent, KPCC is asking parents and students: What do you want the next superintendent to know about your school?

What do you do for a living?

Help inform KPCC's reporting on the workforce by letting us know what you do for a living.

Let's talk about water

Should you be interested, over the next several months and beyond, we’ll come to you with periodic questions about your relationship with water and how it’s evolving—or not. We’ll also invite you to the occasional drought- and water-themed in-person conversations.

Parents: Have you looked at the Common Core results?

Have you looked at the numbers? If so, what are your reactions?

When you think about the 213, what comes to mind?

What does your area code say about you? How attached are you? And, when you think about the 213, what comes to mind?

Are stock market worries prompting personal changes?

Are you considering any personal financial decisions based on the slump?

Is speaking Spanish a requirement for being Latino?

We're looking for young perspectives on this topic for a roundtable discussion on Latino identity.

Parents: First day of school — are you excited or worried?

How is your family preparing?

What happens when you report a pothole?

KPCC’s infrastructure reporter Sharon McNary recently went out to see potholes being filled in downtown Los Angeles. What’s your experience reporting potholes?

Beyond gay marriage: What's the biggest issue facing LGBT community?

What's a story that hasn't been told? More importantly, what's a story that's happened to you?

Were you in Los Angeles for 1984 Olympics?

The 1984 Games are remembered as a triumph for traffic in Los Angeles. Were you here for those games? If so, what can you remember?

Do you worry about air quality affecting small children?

Do you worry that your child might attend daycare or preschool too close to a major freeway or roadway?

Has water use become a topic of conversation at work?

California's extended drought is affecting residents across the state—and beyond. But how much are people talking about it? KPCC reporter Brian Watt wants to know whether the drought has come up at work.

How has California’s drought impacted you—or not?

KPCC has partnered with newsrooms across the country to report on the impact of California's drought.

Have you participated in a drug or alcohol rehabilitation program?

KPCC reporter Rina Palta would like to speak with people about their experiences with 12-step programs or alternative rehab programs.

What obstacles are getting in the way of your finding a home?

Are you looking for a place? What steps have you already taken?

Are you a family trying to conserve water?

Take Two is looking for a family that wants to do more to save water but isn’t sure how.

Is water use causing tension at home?

Share your questions, concerns and frustrations with Take Two and its experts.

Have you or someone you know considered physician-assisted suicide?

Do you support the right to die? Why or why not?

Doctors: What has shaped your views on physician-assisted suicide?

Do you support or oppose SB 128, the physician-assisted bill?

How much do you spend on your pets?

Take Two producers want to know your favorite pet splurges—and where you draw the line.

Have you considered switching to public transportation?

Take Two is looking for people who've considered take a bus or train for part of their commute. However, for one reason or another, you thought it just wouldn't work out for your life.

How clean—or dirty—is your street?

Are there alleys or vacant lots near you? How clean or messy are they?

Are high-deductible health plans keeping you from seeking care?

If you have a high-deductible plan, how has it affected your health care decisions?

What's the biggest change you've seen in LA in the last 30 years?

As AirTalk marks its 30th year on the air, producers would like to hear from you: What's the biggest change you've seen or experienced in LA since Larry Mantle's first AirTalk broadcast in 1985?

Did you or someone you know contract measles during this latest outbreak that started at the Disney theme parks?

What was your, or your loved one’s, experience with the disease itself?

Let’s vent: What makes you mad?

Tell us what makes you mad. We’re here to listen, whether you’re angry about potholes, texting at dinner, the return of acid-washed jeans, or any other matter. There are no restrictions, other than word count.

How do you describe your neighborhood to outsiders?

Take Two reporter and Wisconsin native Leo Duran wants to know: How do you describe your neighborhood to somebody who is not from there?

Have you chosen not to vaccinate your children on religious grounds?

Help shape KPCC's health reporting.

Parents: What are your questions for this year’s school board candidates?

Help shape KPCC's education reporting.

Has your view of law enforcement changed over the years?

What personal experiences have shaped your views?

Parents: What are your questions about the Common Core?

Share your insights and questions with the KPCC education team of reporters.

Parents: Do you have questions about measles? Are you planning to visit Disneyland or California Adventure?

The California Department of Public Health has recommended that people who are not vaccinated against measles avoid visiting Disneyland and California Adventure. Are you considering a trip anyway?

What makes or breaks a renting experience?

As part of KPCC's ongoing coverage of affordable housing, we're interested in talking with our listeners about what it's like to rent in Southern California.

Are you a first-time home buyer?

Looking to buy a home for the first time? Share your experience with KPCC reporter Kitty Felde.

Are you thinking differently about retirement?

Help shape a Crawford Family Forum program by sharing your insights on retirement in the 21st century.

Are you a member of SEIU or another union?

KPCC business reporter Ben Bergman would like to speak with people who belong to a union for a story he’s working on about the $15 minimum wage.

How do you watch TV?

Our journalists want to know how you currently watch your favorite programs...and whether you're planning to make a change.

Has Social Security contacted you regarding old debts?

KPCC Washington correspondent Kitty Felde would like to hear from people who’ve been contacted by Social Security.

Do you have a birthday near the holidays?

Off-Ramp host John Rabe wants to know what it’s like for those with December birthdays.

Do you remember your first job?

Lifeguard, sales associate, barista, camp counselor — whatever it was, we want to hear about it.

Vets: How are you spending Veterans Day?

Tell us about family traditions or special events in your community.

Angelenos, why do you care (or not care) about elections?

What issues do you want candidates to address while in office?

The initiative system: Tyranny of the majority or democracy in action?

For over 100 years California has had an initiative system. Love it or hate it, this system allows Californians to enact legal precedents directly from the voting booth.

Inside the #RentRace: Share your tips on how to score an awesome rental

Renters’ resumes. Pet references. Head shots? Acing your rental application isn’t easy. That’s why we’re looking to you for advice.

What does your future-LA look like?

Tell us your vision for the future of L.A. What do you love about your neighborhood? What would you change? Where do you want it to go from here?

Do you have a compound cream story?

We’re interested in hearing whether your doctor has prescribed, or tried to prescribe, a compound cream to treat pain you’re experiencing.

What's your experience with tech in classrooms?

Is technology in classrooms a good idea? What's been your experience?

Psychedelic drugs for medical purposes: Would you?

Have you used psychedelic drugs for medical purposes? If they were legal, would you consider it? Help inform our discussion on the therapeutic potential of these drugs.

Quiz your school board candidates

What do you want to know before you cast your vote? Help shape KPCC's coverage by sharing your insights.

Where do you wash your car?

Smog, street parking, road trips, food, kids: Any of these things can result in a filthy ride. But state officials are concerned about a possible water shortage — is a dirty car really the new badge of honor?

What's your most memorable summer job?

Lifeguard, sales associate, barista, camp counselor — whatever it was, we want to hear about it.

Tell us about your SoCal staycation

We’re looking to curate a list of stellar staycations in SoCal. What are the best things to do and places to visit on a staycation in LA?

Is your yard drought-friendly?

Thousands of homeowners and commercial property owners in SoCal have ripped out their lawns for more drought-friendly options. Are you one of those people? Why or why not?

Have you rented an apartment from Donald Sterling?

If you've lived in a Sterling building managed by Beverly Hills Properties, please share your experience with the journalists at KPCC.

What’s the role of our schools in treating mental health?

Has your child experienced experienced trauma? What resources are available at his or her school? Help shape KPCC's coverage by sharing your insights.

What will you do on election day?

We want to hear from you. Of the 178 races this year, which races matter to you most? Will you vote June 3?

When was the last time you were pulled over?

Where were you? What happened?

What was Mom's best recipe?

Help shape that program and our Mother's Day coverage by telling us about your favorite food memories—with Mom or family.

How do you balance work, love and play?

What are your tips or struggles when it comes to finding balance in your life?

Where are you watching the World Cup?

Help shape KPCC's coverage of the games—and those cheering them on here in Southern California—by telling us where you plan to watch the World Cup and your favorite team or teams.

Do you remember life before the measles vaccine?

If you have a story about life before the measles vaccine, KPCC health reporter Rebecca Plevin wants to hear from you.

Are you currently looking for an apartment in Southern California?

In which neighborhoods are you looking? What percentage of your income are you expecting to spend on rent?

Describe the crosswalk at your child's school

KPCC journalists would like to learn more about the crosswalks near your child's school.

How much of your paycheck do you spend on rent?

KPCC business reporter Ben Bergman is working on a new series and would like to know about your experiences with the real estate market in and around Los Angeles. What percentage of your paycheck goes toward rent every month? Has your rent gone up in the past year?

What's your relationship with water?

KPCC journalists are launching a new project that looks at Southern Californians' use of and relationship with water. Please help shape that project by sharing your insights.

Are your cable rates going up?

Have you recently been notified by Time Warner Cable that your rates are going up?

Has the ACA inspired any major life changes?

Have you quit your job to start your own business or to retire? Is access to health insurance prompting you to consider other life changes, such as moving, or divorce? Share your insights and help shape our Affordable Care Act coverage.

Are you a teacher?

What is the No. 1 tip you have for the parents of students in the age and subject you teach?

How has LA film flight affected you?

Do you work in the entertainment industry? Share your insights and help shape KPCC's coverage.

Have you heard people talk about you in another language?

If you speak multiple languages, do you ever slip into another language to talk about people or delicate issues?

Does your child attend one of the schools listed as vulnerable to earthquakes?

Researchers at UC Berkeley have compiled a list of older concrete buildings in Los Angeles that could be at risk of collapse in an earthquake. More than 200 of the 1,500 buildings on the list were schools, most of them public.

What's your connection to the Olympic Games?

Reporters at KPCC want to know how Southern Californians are connected to the 2014 Olympic Games. Any link counts: athlete, business, volunteer, fan, parent, coach. Tell us how you're involved in the games.

Have you signed up for an insurance plan through Covered California?

Share your experience and help inform KPCC's reporting.

Do you have a story for First Person?

KPCC is launching a storytelling project that lets Southern Californians tell their own stories about their health—and their community's health.

Have you tried or considered renting to own?

A rough economy has some shoppers looking to rent to own items, from televisions to furniture. Have you tried or considered a rent-to-own program?

Education news: What's missing?

Which blogs or websites, if any, do you visit regularly? What is missing from the coverage?

Baby boomers: Are you looking for work or delaying retirement?

More baby boomers are hitting the retirement age, but fewer and fewer are choosing to retire. KPCC business reporter Wendy Lee would like to speak with those are looking for work or choosing to delay retirement for financial reasons.

Has your health insurance company sent you a notice of a premium increase or cancellation?

KPCC health reporter Stephanie O'Neill wants to hear from you if you buy individual insurance and earn (net) more than $45,960 a year as an individual or $62,000 as a family of two; $78,000 as a family of three; or $94,000 as a family of four.

What is your LA River story?

Do you have a favorite L.A. River memory or activity? What can – or should – be done to revive the river?

What role should technology play in the classroom?

Do you think this technology is helpful or a hindrance to learning? Why?

How did government shutdown affect you?

Are you a federal employee or contractor? Are you related to one?

Tell KPCC your health insurance stories

KPCC’s health desk wants to learn more about your experiences with – and without – health insurance.

What does it mean to be a good citizen?

KPCC's #ProjectCitizen series looks at the rights, responsibilities, traditions and privileges that come along with citizenship—whether you were born in the United States or naturalized. Tell KPCC: What does citizenship mean to you?

Do children at your (child's) school still recite the Pledge of Allegiance?

KPCC arts education reporter Mary Plummer is looking to speak with teachers and parents about whether their schools still ask students to recite the Pledge of Allegiance.

Do you live with food allergies?

The Food and Drug Administration has set a standard for what food companies can label "gluten free." This is yet another instance of food allergies making the news. KPCC wants to know: Do you live with a food allergy?

Let's talk: What do you love or hate about bilingual education?

Parents: Why did you choose to have your child learn multiple languages—or English only?

In the wake of the Zimmerman verdict, what sort of conversations are you having?

How are you talking about the Zimmerman trial and acquittal with your children and/or friends?

Do you live in LA's Arts District?

KPCC reporter Brian Watt is headed to L.A.'s Arts District, and he would like to speak with longtime residents. What can you tell us about your neighborhood?

Parents: How do you keep your kids engaged academically throughout summer?

Schools have let out till fall, but kids still work on their education between pool parties. KPCC education reporters want to hear how you're keeping your kids engaged in learning this summer.

Molly Peterson asks: Do you watch 'Under the Dome'?

KPCC environment reporter Molly Peterson is working on a new story and would like to hear from fans of the new CBS drama "Under the Dome."

Where do you go to get #outofLA?

The Fourth of July has come and gone. But summer is still in full swing, and KPCC staffers want to know where in California you go to escape the city.

After Prop 8: What is next for you?

The Supreme Court dismissed Prop 8 on standing, meaning same-sex marriages can resume in California. How does this decision affect you? Are you planning to get married?

What's the story behind your name?

How did your parents decide on your name? Did you keep it as an adult or opt for something new? Tell KPCC journalists the story behind your name.

How might sequestration affect you?

An $85 billion automatic federal budget cut went into effect earlier this year, and KPCC reporters are looking to speak with Southern Californians who may be impacted by the sequestration. If you suspect the budget cuts may affect you—or they already have—please fill out our brief set of questions.

Class of 2013: What's next?

Are you graduating from college this spring? If so, producers of KPCC's Take Two morning show would like to hear from you. How are you feeling about graduation? Do you have plans to look for a job, take a break, or continue with school?

Which term best describes immigrants living in the U.S. illegally?

The Associated Press Stylebook and several newsrooms have dropped the term "illegal immigrant." Do you use a specific term to describe someone with a certain immigration status?

What’s been cut from your local park?

KPCC reporter Sharon McNary wants to hear from L.A. residents about the specific ways in which city budget cuts are affecting your neighborhood parks and quality of life.

Are you expecting a mortgage settlement payment?

On Friday, April 12, some $3.6 billion in payments began going out to 4.2 million borrowers who experienced any stage of the foreclosure process during 2009 and 2010 and were serviced by one of 13 banks. Do you expect to receive a mortgage settlement check?

Dear Mayor: Tell L.A.'s next mayor what issue most needs attention

Los Angeles Mayor-elect Eric Garcetti will be sworn in on Sunday, and KPCC journalists want to hear from you. What is the issue that matters most to you?

Neighborhoods: Introduce KPCC to your community

Millions of people live in Los Angeles, residing in diverse neighborhoods like Little Tokyo, Echo Park and Glassell Park. But how much of the city do you really know? Tell us where you live now and what smells, sights and sounds make it special.

Why the marathon?

Of all the tough things to do in the world of athletics, why choose the marathon? Is it more a mental than a physical sport? Do you have to be in top condition to run one? When you started training for the marathon, did you really think you could complete the distance? What changed?

Displacement: Have you been priced out of a neighborhood?

L.A. neighborhoods are changing: Demographics shift. Businesses open and shutter. Residents are forced to adapt and, sometimes, move. Have you or someone you know been priced out of a neighborhood you lived in for many years?

¿Ha tenido que desplazarse de una vecindad por los precios de la vivienda?

Están cambiando las vecindades de Los Ángeles: se van transformando las categorías demográficas. Algunos negocios se abren y otros cierran sus puertas. Los residentes se ven obligados a adaptarse y, a veces, a mudarse. Nos gustaría que usted nos cuente más sobre el desplazamiento.

Do you work in the grocery industry?

Southern California is home to hundreds of grocery stores, and KPCC journalists are always looking to connect with employees at grocery chains and local food emporiums. Do you work at a major chain like Vons, Albertsons or Ralphs? What about Fresh and Easy or 99 Ranch Market or an independent store?

You and technology: How many devices do you use at home?

Consumers are increasingly suffering from "multiple devices syndrome," an addiction to using several devices at once. KPCC reporter Wendy Lee is looking to speak with people who use more than one device at once.

How has mental illness affected your life?

Tragedies strike, and the nation turns its attention to mental illness. But this is a conversation that needs to go deeper and last longer. KPCC journalists want listeners to lead the conversation. Tell us: How has mental illness affected your life?

Do you suffer from an 'invisible' condition like migraines or rheumatoid arthritis?

Many Southland residents suffer from illnesses that don't outwardly present themselves. KPCC reporter José Martinez is looking to speak with people who have experience with migraines, rheumatoid arthritis, chronic fatigue syndrome and other "invisible" conditions. Click here to share your story.

When it comes to gun control, what matters most to you?

KPCC journalists want to hold an honest and civil conversation on guns and the role they play in Southern Californians' communities and culture. Please share your insights by telling us what's missing from the national debate on gun control—as well as those personal experiences that have shaped your opinions.

Does release of priest abuse files affect you?

The Archdiocese of Los Angeles has released the personnel files of 124 Catholic priests as part of the 2007 clergy abuse legal settlement. The documents identify Roman Catholic priests who have been accused of molesting children. If you are Catholic or have been involved with the Catholic Church, how does this information release affect you, your family and the Church?

Have you had a procedure performed at a surgery center?

Not all medical procedures are performed at hospitals. KPCC journalists are interested in connecting with people who have received treatment at an out-patient surgery center. Please rate your experience and share your insights with KPCC.

What's the story of you and your best ex?

While February 14 may be all about wine and roses, KPCC journalists want to shift gears and ask: Who is the best ex you've ever had?

¿Solicitó usted amnistía mediante la reforma migratoria de 1986?

Los senadores federales de los Estados Unidos han propuesto un plan bipartita para la inmigración que incluye un camino hacia la ciudadanía. En lo que los periodistas de KPCC hagamos seguimiento del progreso de este plan, también nos interesa mirar hacia el pasado: a la amplia reforma migratoria de Ronald Reagan, la cual, en 1986 calificó a unos 3 millones de inmigrantes para la amnistía.

Did you seek amnesty through 1986 immigration reform?

U.S. Senators have proposed a bipartisan immigration plan that includes a path to citizenship, and KPCC journalists want to hear from those who were affected by Ronald Reagan's 1986 immigration reform.

What is the California accent?

What do you think the California accent sounds like? Tell KPCC reporters and be part of a collaboration with KQED and The California Report.

Sinusuportahan ba ninyo ang pag-aaral ng dalawang lengwahe?

Inimbistigahan ni Deepa Fernandez, isang experto sa pag-aalaga ng mga bata mula sa KPCC, kung paano nakakaapekto ang pag-aaral ng dalawang lengwahe sa paglago ng utak ng mga bata mula edad 0 hanggang 5. Anu-ano po ang inyong dahilan kung bakit ninyo pinag-aral ng iba’t ibang lengwahe – o pawang Ingles lamang – ang inyong anak?

Parents and teachers: How would overhaul of state standardized tests affect you?

The California State schools superintendent wants to revamp statewide standardized testing, moving away from multiple-choice bubble exams to ones that would focus on critical thinking, problem solving, and essay writing skills. How would this change impact your life, either as a parent or an educator?

Hispanic, Latino or Spanish: How do you identify?

The number of Latinos in the United States could shrink ... because the proposed omission of one question. For the 2020 Census, officials are considering dropping the question: "Are you of Hispanic, Latino, or Spanish origin?" Take Two will be doing a story on this, and producers want to know your story.

Did you buy a car in 2012?

The DeBord Report's Matthew DeBord is working on a new story that looks at vehicle financing. Did you buy a new or certified pre-owned car, truck, van or other ride in 2012? If so, please share your insights.

¿Qué conexión tiene usted con la educación bilingüe (o multilingüe)?

Deepa Fernandes, corresponsal de KPCC sobre temas de desarrollo infantil, está analizando cómo el bilinguismo afecta el desarrollo cerebral de los niños entre nacimiento y los 5 años de edad. ¿Por qué optó usted por hacer que su hijo/a aprenda varias lenguas – o sólo optó por el inglés?

How would ban on adoptions from Russia to the U.S. affect you?

Russian President Vladimir Putin has signed a law in Russia to ban all adoptions from Russia to the United States, although it won't take effect for a year. It could derail the plans of many families currently in the adoption process. If you are currently trying to adopt from Russia, please tell Take Two producers.

What's your experience with sober living group homes?

The killing of four people outside of an unlicensed boardinghouse in Northridge in early December has renewed attention on rules for sober living houses and other group homes. KPCC journalists would like to know what experiences you have with sober living homes, whether you or someone you know has lived in or near one.

How does your church talk politics?

How do you feel about the integration of politics in church? Did your church leaders weave the 2012 election into their messages?

Which worthy volunteer groups should KPCC showcase for aid this holiday season?

We'll be featuring organizations that could use help this holiday season in a series of short profiles online and on-air. Know of any good organizations? Tell KPCC by filling out this quick query.

Parents: Is your child in 'The Nutcracker'?

This is the time of year that "Nutcracker" productions are popping up all across the Southland: at schools, ballet companies and community theaters. If you're a parent of a sugar plum fairy, nutcracker prince, snow queen or the like, KPCC wants to hear from you.

What role has adoption played in your life?

November is National Adoption Month, and KPCC reporters want to know what role adoption has played in your life. Were you adopted? Have you adopted, considered adoption, or placed a child for adoption?

'Undocumented' or 'illegal'? Which life experiences shape your opinion?

Is it “illegal immigrant” or “undocumented immigrant”? The choice to use one of these terms to describe the same person has been called a political act. Tell us which you think is better—and why.

What do you love/hate about American political campaigns?

What is it about American-style campaigning that drives you up a wall? What do you like? What would you change? Tell KPCC's political reporters.

Tell us about the business of getting married

The sluggish economy has consumers looking to save money, even when it comes to weddings. How are you financing your big day?

Voters: Whom do you trust?

KPCC Sacramento correspondent Julie Small wants to know who are the people you trust for election analysis. What goes into making your voter booth decisions? And what are your biggest frustrations when it comes to digesting the voter information guide, especially the ballot propositions?

Pedestrians: Do you feel safe on the streets of Los Angeles?

L.A. drivers have one of the nation's highest rates of fatal pedestrian crashes. According to a new study, pedestrians account for nearly a third of all traffic fatalities. That's nearly three times the national average. Tell KPCC reporters: How safe do you feel on the streets of Los Angeles?

Do you vote your religion?

It has been called this country’s greatest achievement: the separation of church and state. But while this division characterizes the American democracy, it is nearly impossible to divorce one’s beliefs from the way he or she votes. Does your religion affect the way you vote?

How has Middle East reaction to anti-Muslim film affected you?

The anti-Muslim film "Innocence of Muslims" has ignited mob violence against U.S. embassies across the Middle East. How have these events affected you?

Did a super PAC spend big in your Congressional election?

Super PACS spent more on Congressional races in California than in any other state. Did they stuff your mailbox full of political ads? Flood your TV airwaves? How did super PACs influence you and your vote?

Ages 25-29: Are you living with your parents?

A recent study says that during the Great Recession, about one in three adults ages 25-29 lived with their parents. Are you one of them? KPCC economics reporter Wendy Lee wants to know about your housing choices.

How is Anaheim changing?

Two fatal shootings by police and a near-riot in response have left Anaheim residents re-evaluating the city's public safety priorities. How has the Anaheim you know changed?

Scientists and engineers: excited for the Mars landing?

If you're in a family that's involved in the space progam, the coming landing of the Mars rover Curiousity has got to be a high point. What's it like to be part of an engineering or science-linked family as the Mars landing nears?

Do you speak up or stay silent about crime?

Repeatedly, crimes are committed and go unsolved in some Southern California neighborhoods. Why? Because the people most familiar with the victims or perpetrators do not cooperate with police. KPCC justice reporters want to know: What's it like to live in a neighborhood that's under a code of silence? Have you experienced the frustration of wanting to tell police about a crime or suspect, but did not for some reason? Was it fear of retaliation? A lack of trust in police?

Is California's prison realignment working?

In order to reduce overcrowding, California courts are sentencing some non-violent felons to serve terms in county jails rather than state prisons. KPCC reporters are turning to the public to find how how well the plan -- called realignment -- is working. If you have some first-hand knowedge of California courts, jails, prisons, parole or probation systems, you have knowledge that can help KPCC cover this change. If you live in a neighborhood that is affected by the change in sentencing and probation systems, you also can help shape our coverage by sharing what you know. It's confidential, so nothing you share will be aired or published without your permission. A KPCC journalist will read what you write and reply via email.

What's your story about becoming a U.S. citizen?

We'd like to understand more about the process of becoming a U.S. citizen. If you are going through the naturalization process or have already completed it, please share your story with KPCC. Did you breeze through the requirements or find unexpected barriers? What would you do differently? To whom did you turn for help? Your responses are confidential, however we are looking for a few people to share their stories publicly.

Have you adapted to the Wilshire/405 ramp closures?

Two of the eight ramps entering and leaving the 405 Freeway in West Los Angeles will be closed for three months. KPCC reporters want to hear from drivers, workers and others who are affected by the closures, the first in a longer project to re-build all eight ramps. How are you adapting to the ramp closures? Is it affecting your business or workplace?

Tell us about Khoa Anh Le's death in El Monte

Khoa Anh Le died after a struggle with El Monte Police. The family of this 37-year-old man who had schizophrenia alleges police are at fault in the death. Two police officers were injured in the struggle, which has been reported to have involved a Taser and flashlight. If you know the family, or have experience with the El Monte Police Department, or if you have insights on the intersection of mental health issues and law enforcement, please share what you know with our reporter. It's confidential.

Does Obama's Dream Act help someone you know?

By executive order, President Obama has given people ages 30 and under who were brought illegally into this country as children some protections from deportation. How does this new policy help or exclude someone you know? Tell us confidentially at the link. A KPCC journalist will reply privately.

What did Rodney King mean to you?

Rodney King, found dead at his Rialto home, inspired divergent opinions like no other Southern Californian. Civil rights symbol, victim of racism and police violence, errant troublemaker, troubled soul. What did he mean to you?

Do you care who represents you in Congress?

Will you have a different member of Congress after the November general election? Do you care? Congressional district lines get moved every ten years to adjust for population changes. The year's changes are quite stark, so many Californians will be dealing with a different member of Congress than they are used to. Click the link to find out whether your U.S. representative will change, and tell KPCC political reporters how you are affected.

What's missing in the Malibu Lagoon debate?

Debate over restoration plans for Malibu Lagoon are splitting the community. Are you involved in the debate? Tell KPCC what the public dialogue is missing. Got questions we can clear up with some research? Send those along, too.

Have you been contacted by a phony debt collector?

There's a new scam out there. Somebody contacts you about a debt you owe, and it's pretty intimidating. But it's not a real debt. What happened, and how did you respond? Help KPCC cover this issue.

To be a hockey fan in So Cal

What are the rewards and challenges of being a hockey fan in Southern California? As the Kings pursue the Stanley Cup, share your insights with KPCC journalists.

How safe is your bus or train?

When you get on a public bus or train in Southern California, how safe do you feel? Are you confident that the driver or conductor is well trained? That your fellow passengers will leave you in peace? That the bus or train has been well-maintained? Help KPCC reporters learn more about our transportation system. Share your confidence or concerns with the public transit lines that you use. A KPCC journalist will respond directly to you. It's confidential.

How does Kelly Thomas' death change Fullerton?

If you live in Fullerton, you know the name Kelly Thomas. He's the homeless, mentally ill man who died after coming into violent contact with Fullerton police officers. The police will be put on trial, but in the meantime, Fullerton's image has changed. If you live in or newar Fullerton, work or show there, attend university or have some other relationship with the city, KPCC journalists want to know how your perception of Fullerton is changing.

Obama supports same-sex marriage. Do you?

President Barack Obama has said he now supports same-sex marriage. Do you? What's the role of same-sex marriage in your life or community?

Teachers: Did you get a layoff notice?

Help KPCC's reporters cover what happens to professional teachers when school districts have to cut payrolls. If you've gotten a "Reduction in Force" letter this year or in the past, what does it do to your loyalty to the teaching profession? Does it affect your classroom performance? How do you plan your life around a job that might vaporize?

Do you play or ignore the lottery?

In late March 2012, the multi-state Mega Millions lottery jackpot was up to a staggering $600 million, the largest jackpot ever. Do you play or refrain from buying tickets? Why?

Mental health care in Calif. prisons

As part of our coverage of the large California prison population, KPCC reporters ask how the state is meeting inmates' mental health needs. Is care available and appropriate? If you know a California prison inmate, or are involved in prison mental health care, help shape KPCC's understanding of these issues by sharing your insights and experiences.

Homework: too much or too little?

Help a KPCC education reporter understand more about the impact of homework on kids, parents and teachers.

Did you have a Countrywide mortgage?

The giant mortgage lender Countrywide (now part of Bank of America) was accused of steering Latino and black homebuyers into more expensive sub-prime loans. Bank of American has agreed to pay $335 million to settle a federal discriminaton lawsuit. KPCC would like to hear from Countrywide customers about the loans they got and whether they saw signs of discrimination based on ethnicity. Did you get a more or less expensive mortgage because of your ethnicity?

Do you know a suspended school employee?

There's been a rash of arrests of school employees in the news and KPCC reporters want to know how you see the situation. Do you know a teacher or school worker who has been removed from a school -- rightly or wrongly -- following an accusation of improper behavior or a crime?

How do you explain what's going on at Miramonte Elementary?

Seldom does one school -- and surrounding community -- have to grapple with such difficult incidents. But that's what's facing teachers, parents and administrators at Miramonte Elementary School in the Los Angeles Unified School District. What's going on? What should change?

How are Israel-Iran tensions affecting you?

How are heightened tensions between Israel and Iran affecting your familly and friends in those countries?

How did World War II internment affect you?

Were you or someone you know interned during World War II? If so, please tell your story to KPCC journalists. We're looking for stories of Southern Californians who were affected by the internment authorization signed 70 years ago.

Inglewood schools: What's wrong, what's the fix?

Inglewood Unified School District elementary schools were praised nearly a decade ago, but now budget cuts put that reputation for excellence in peril. The district is on the brink of being taken over by the state. Financial officials estimate the district could run a $4 million deficit by May, ballooning to $18 million by June. If you're involved in Inglewood schools as a parent, teacher, administrator, taxpayer or concerned onlooker, please share your thoughts with KPCC reporters.

Do you see a divide in conservative values?

Do you describe yourself as conservative? What does that mean to you? What values you find difficult to accept or discuss with others who consider themselves conservative?

Are you considering a birth at home?

A KPCC reporter wants to interview expectant parents who are considering giving birth at home. If this describes you, please use the link to tell us about why this may be a good option for you. If you've given birth at home before, we'd like to learn from your experience.

Does online piracy affect you? Would SOPA help?

A KPCC journalist is looking for people whose first-hand experiences can help inform our reporting on the Stop Internet Piracy Act, or SOPA. The bill’s intent is to “promote prosperity, creativity, entrepreneurship, and innovation by combating the theft of U.S. property.” In operation, it would permit the attorney general to ask a federal judge to order U.S. companies to block payments to foreign websites that steal intellectual property or sell counterfeit goods. What's at stake for you if the bill passes?

Ages 19-25: Does a parent's health plan cover you?

The new national health care law permits young adults aged 19-25 to be covered as dependents on a parent's health insurance. Have you weighed the costs and benefits of this option? Does this change in the law affect your educational, work or life opportunities?

Have you used an online reputation repair service?

With so much of our lives surfacing online, on Twitter, Facebook and email, what do you do when something unflattering or untrue shows up in your Google biography? Some people turn to reputation repair services. Have you used such a firm? Why or why not? What results have you gotten in your attempts to buff your online profile?

2011 was a good year for ......

KPCC reporters want to finish out the year on a positive note and we need your help. What went right this year?

Teachers: What do you spend on classroom supplies?

As school budgets for classroom supplies get squeezed, some teachers fill the gap by paying their own money for teaching aids and to make classrooms more vibrant. If you're a teacher, what do you spend on school supplies? Have you found innovative ways to raise money to reduce your own outlay?

Would a millionaire surtax keep you from hiring?

You own your own business and your annual income puts you in the millionaire's bracket. If Congress passes a surcharge on you to cover the cost of extended payroll tax cuts, would that keep you from hiring the people you planned to hire in the coming year?

What's the future of Occupy LA?

The Occupy Wall Street movement is now one year old. What's your take on the demonstrators and their issues, and how does it relate to your own experiences with a civil rights struggle or civil disobedience?

How will you afford today's higher UC-CSU fees?

If you’re attending a state-supported university in California, what’s your strategy for covering sharply higher student fees? You might have budgeted for years to save and pay for a UC or CSU education for yourself or your kids, but the cost of attending those schools has tripled in the past decade. In July, CSU trustees approved a 12 percent increase in Cal State campus tuition, and the UC Board of Regents approved a 9.6 percent increase in University of California tuition. That's on top of UC and CSU student fee increases of more than 30 percent in just the past two years. Are you working more, living more frugally, even delaying or cancelling plans for a degree? Are you borrowing more? Living with the folks? Eyeing a less-expensive education? What other consequences of the college budget crunch are you seeing on campus or at home?

What are you driving, and what's your next car?

What do you love/hate about the vehicle you drive now? Will you drive it until it dies, or buy a new car? What should our reporters ask the auto industry at next year's auto show?

Job fairs: Do they work for you?

So you're going to a job fair. Will you come home with a fistful of helpful contacts? Or is it a big waste of time? Help KPCC business reporters understand the "jobless recovery" through your eyes as a job hunter or potential employer. Tell us about your most recent visit to a job fair. It's confidential.

How does U.S. pullout from Iraq change things?

President Obama has announced a full troop pullout from Iraq by the end of 2011. If your life has been touched by the US involvement in Iraq, we'd like to know how this news changes your life and the lives around you.

Are you or your family living with PTSD?

A man said to be suffering from Post Traumatic Stress Disorder allegedly kills his ex-wife and seven others at her workplace, a beauty salon in Seal Beach. His becomes the new face of PTSD, but is that image fair or accurate? What do you know about the reality of living with PTSD? What does the public need to know about this disorder, how it affects those who have it and their loved ones? Responses are confidential and will help a KPCC reporter look more closely at this issue.

Have you lost money from an online poker account?

A recent lawsuit alleges the operators of a giant online poker company bilked players out of millions of dollars. If you play online, do you know if your account is secure or stripped?

How is the warehouse boom working for you?

Warehousing and logistics has long been touted by local business and political leaders as a mainstay of the Inland Empire economy and a rich source of steady, full-time employment into the futue. Has the industry fulfilled that promise? KPCC wants to hear real-life accounts from people who work in and around warehouses, and from residents of Inland communities about the benefits and challenges that big warehouse projects bring.

Does your work define you?

Do you love your job? Do you work only for the money? Is your work important but unpaid? Help KPCC's reporters and talk shows take a fresh look at work by sharing your own experiences. What keeps you going in to work every day? What makes you think about quitting? And to what extent does your work define you?

Are you giving up on your job hunt?

The unemployment rate describes only those people who are not working yet still hunting for a job. But Southern California has a substantial number of people who have given up the search. Are you thinking of abandoning your own job search?

What's your best economy joke?

The economy's been down so long, at some point we just have to laugh about it. What's your favorite joke about the economy, unemployment, the stock market, the housing crash ... Wait, we're getting depressed. Just click the link and tell us a joke to cheer us up.

What most needs improving at LAUSD?

LAUSD has a big job on its hands – educating nearly 700,000 students in the second largest school district in the country. Educators, teachers, parents and students: What do you think of the current state of education and what improvements should be made? Send us your question for education leaders in the LAUSD.

Is your local post office closing?

The U.S. Postal Service plans to close thousands of post offices nationwide. How does that affect you? Do you work for the post office? How will changes or cuts in service matter in your life or business?

How should California reduce its prison population?

The U.S. Supreme Court has ruled that California must reduce its prison population, but how should this be accomplished? KPCC wants to hear from the public and from people who live, work, or have loved ones in California prisons. Tell us how this decision affects you, your safety, and the safety of your family and community. How would you go about reducing the state prison population by more than 30,000 inmates.

Teachers: What's your layoff backup plan?

This summer LAUSD teachers and some from other school districts will get bad news. Many will lose their jobs through the layoffs that have become an annual traumatic event in the teaching profession. If you are a teacher facing a layoff, or if you know one, please share your experience with KPCC's education reporter. It's confidential, and helps shape the news we cover.

Hybrids banned from the carpool lane?

Starting July 1, 2011, gas-electric hybrid vehicles will be barred from driving solo in California's carpool lanes. Is your Prius still precious? Does this change your vehicle-buying plans? KPCC wants to hear from hybrid owners and other freeway users about this change.

Adventures in airline security

True tales of the TSA -- Seems like everybody's got a story about getting "randomly" pulled from a line for an inspection of luggage or person. While opinion polls indicate the American public mostly supports these searches, including backscatter x-ray machines that show your unclothed image to a TSA employee, others are fed up and are threatening to "opt out" of screening. What's your take on TSA screenings? Share your story.

High school seniors: Can you get into a community college?

California community colleges may have as many as 400,000 fewer slots for new students in the coming academic year. That's because the slow economy and housing market slump has cost local community college districts the tax revenue they count on. Are you or a student you know counting on community college? Will the slots you need be there?

How do Groupon-style coupons work for you?

Pay $30 for $80 worth of spa services? How about paying $100 for $250 worth of hardwood flooring? Or $2,100 for eye surgery worth more than $4000? We're talking about Groupon and other online, social media-driven, high-discount coupon offerings flooding your inbox these days. Have you used them as a consumer? Do you own or run a business that has offered these discounts? Do the discounts build customer loyalty, or increase the number of one-and-done clients?

If you were called before Congress about your faith community...

...What would you say? New York Republican Congressman Peter King has called on U.S. Muslim leaders to testify before the House of Representatives Homeland Security Committee about the recruitment of potential terrorists in U.S. mosques. He wants prominent U.S. Muslim leaders to explain how they support law enforcement anti-terror efforts. If you were called to testify about your own faith community, what would you tell Congress?

Is $4 gas changing how you get around?

In 2008, Southern Californians turned to trains, light rail, carpools, motorcycles and bikes to avoid high gas prices. Now, gas is again over $4 a gallon in many locations. Did your gas-saving behavior changes stay with you? How are you responding to these higher prices? Are you driving less, or planning to buy a more efficient vehicle? Will you be a one-car family? Is public transit an alternative that is working for you? KPCC's reporters and talk shows are looking for examples of how Southern Californians are coping with high gas prices. Share your story and help shape the news you hear.

Car, bus or skateboard: how do you get around?

Your transportation choices influence your quality of life here in Southern California. How you get around can dictate how much free time you have, your physical safety, even the amount of money that’s left of your paycheck after paying for gas, insurance, bus pass or shoe leather. What transportation do you use and why?

Does your family have roots in Egypt?

Jan. 25, 2011: Thousands of anti-government protesters, some hurling rocks and climbing atop an armored police truck, clashed with riot police in the center of Cairo demanding the end of Hosni Mubarak's nearly 30 years in power. Mubarak was out. So what's next for Egypt? Please let us know how the upheaval of Egypt's government affects you and your family.

Is it jarring or reassuring to see guns in public?

Gun rights advocates are asserting their right under California law to openly carry unloaded handguns into coffee shops and other public places. Does it matter to you if your neighbors openly carry handguns? This "open carry" campaign comes as the murder rate in Southern California is low. Yet, with recent school shootings and the Tucson massacre, we see rising concerns over access to guns and associated violence. Where do you draw the line on when it's appropriate to carry a gun in public?

What's the homeschool difference?

AirTalk with Larry Mantle is planning a broadcast about families that choose to educate their kids at home. You can help Larry and the producers prepare for the show by sharing your own experiences with homeschooling. What are the best and most challenging aspects of teaching kids at home? What motivated your choice to homeschool your kids? Where do you turn for help and support? What would you do differently?

How does the Giffords shooting change us?

The shooting of Rep. Gabrielle Giffords (D-Ariz.) and others at a supermarket outside Tucson Saturday, Jan. 9 has led many to question the level of hostility in political arguments today. What will change in America as a result of this attack? Will you change the way you speak about people with whom you disagree? Will others? Do you expect more stringent gun control laws? Will your member of Congress become less accessible to you?

Should Prop 13 be changed?

During his campaign, Gov. Jerry Brown suggested he might push the Legislature and public to approve some sort of change in Prop 13 to help fix California's budget problems. Prop 13 limits property taxes to 1 percent of a parcel's assessed valuation and it limits annual increases in the tax to just 2 percent. What changes, if any, would you like to see in Prop 13?

How do you cut your college textbook bill?

College textbooks are costly. How are you getting around the high cost of textbooks? Some students find electronic versions online, and some professors are creating wikis and websites to give students an alternative to shelling out hundreds of dollars for specialized textbooks. What's your experience?

Will post-fire mud threaten your area?

Do you live in an area where mud and debris flows are a post-fire threat? You can help KPCC stay on top of this story by sharing your experience. How are you preparing your home or business? What are officials telling you about potential danger? What lessons have you learned from past mud flows or floods?

CalFresh, SNAP, EBT: What's your experience with Food Stamps?

A new study says that many people who could qualify for food stamps cannot get access to the food stamps. What's your experience with the food stamp program? If you're an applicant, recipient, merchant or if you work with an agency or company that deals with food stamps, please share your story with KPCC.

Have you recently bought or vacated a foreclosed house?

Over the last several years houses have gone from the emblem of the American Dream to the emblem of the American recession. We're teaming up with Marketplace to tell this story. The project puts a house - a foreclosed house - at the center of the story. It's the main character. But how that character will appear in the story is going to depend on who's doing the telling. Now we just need to find the house. Could it be yours?

Do you know an everyday environmental hero?

Our environmental reporters want to know who's the hero in caring for the environment in your community. Is it the woman who lobbies for more trees on campus -- and then finds the donations to make it happen? Is it the surfer who takes a few minutes each beach visit to clean up the shoreline? A million small actions can make a difference in the health of a neighborhood or city. Look around, who's the hero on your block?

Grading teachers: What works, what hurts?

KPCC wants to hear from teachers and others involved in public schools -- You know what bugs you about evaluations, teaching to the test and the paperwork that consumes your non-teaching time, but how would you fix the system? Share your experiences and ideas. Your responses will help shape an episode of AirTalk with Larry Mantle as he and several experts explore how to grade public school teachers the evening of Thursday, Nov. 11 (RSVP info available here soon.)

Is your job funded by federal stimulus money?

Simple question -- Are you working in a job made possible by the billions of dollars Congress alloted to stimulate the economy? This might be anything from building a new bridge to paving a freeway to -- well, you tell us. If your paycheck is possible because Congress voted to spend the money, please let us know. A reporter or producer may call for more information.

Are you in a double-dip recession?

Economists say the recession that began in December 2007 ended in June 2009. But June 2011 opened with a really bad day on the stock market and reports that home prices continue to fall. Did your personal finances or job security improve in the last year? Are we headed for a double-dip recession? What's your experience? What's in your immediate economic future?

How are you involved in prison medical care?

Are inmates getting timely care in the places that you work? Why or why not? What changes have you seen in the medical system since a receiver took over? Do you find reports of inmate neglect or unnecessary deaths to be credible?

School Choice: What's your strategy?

The new school year is approaching and parents are thinking about their child's education options. Federal laws give parents the right to transfer their children from some lower-performing schools to higher-performing schools. Are you exercising that right? How real is school choice for your family?

What's your local food landscape?

Southern California's varied neighborhoods don't all have easy access to high-quality, nutritious, low-cost food. What's the situation where you live? Is there a good quality food store within easy walking, transit or driving distance of your home? Where do you spend most of your food money? And what would you change in your local food landscape? Your insights on your neighborhood's food situation will help shape our coverage of this issue and even populate a food map. You can also tell your story in photos and video. Click the link for upload instructions.

Is your layoff turning into a long-term thing?

You know numbers are only part of the jobless picture in Southern California. Help KPCC tell the human story behind these numbers. What does it mean to you, your family and your neighborhood when a layoff becomes a long-term jobless situation? Is someone you know coping with extended unemployment or underemployment?

What public service cuts are you feeling?

Are you feeling the ripple effect of deep cuts in government services? When a city cuts road maintenance, do you pay the price in pothole-damaged tires? Is your child packed into a more crowded classroom because the school district is laying off teachers? Help KPCC find the untold stories of how taxpayers are feeling the brunt of government cutbacks in California.

What's your take on the Tea Party?

What's your experience with the Tea Party movement? Have you been to a rally, attended a forum or written a check? Maybe you're working to squelch the Tea Party. KPCC wants to tell the story of the Tea Party in California. What attracts you to (or repels you from) this growing political movement? What is the Tea Party getting right or wrong?

What has the economy done to your neighborhood?

Do you live among a scattering of foreclosed and deteriorating homes? Has the owner of your apartment building gone underwater and halted necessary maintenance and services? What is the economy and housing slump done to the neighborhood where you live? Tell us your story and help shape how our newsroom covers the mortgage mess in Southern California.

How does your school respond to sexual assault?

If you attend a college or work on campus, what have you seen of your school's efforts to prevent and respond to sexual assaults? Does the campus carry through on reporting crimes to local authorities? Are perpetrators being charged with crimes? Who gets away with rape and sexual assault on campus?

Is your government job being cut or furloughed?

Government budgets are in distress throughout Southern California, but how are cuts playing out in your community, your career and your family? If you've been laid off from a government job, or fear you might be, please take a few minutes to share your story confidentially with the KPCC newsroom. If you've been furloughed, how are you juggling the sudden cut in pay? And how is your agency managing through lean times?

End of life care: How are you involved?

End-of life care is one of the most difficult issues to emerge during the national debate on healthcare reform. Share your real-world experience with our newsroom, help inform our reporting on this topic.

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What should KPCC know about the San Gabriel Valley?

What stories do you want KPCC to dig into? What interesting people should we profile?

How have you been affected by the costs of cancer treatment?

Have you, or a loved one, been impacted by the high cost of cancer treatment?

Are you a parent with kids still at home?

Every other Tuesday, through its The Brood segment, KPCC's Take Two morning show shares stories from Southern California parents and helps answer their questions. Become a source for the Brood!

Are you an L.A. resident with a broken or buckled sidewalk?

What are your ideas for paying for sidewalk repairs?

What Orange County news should we cover?

Help Orange County reporter Erika Aguilar hit the ground running. Tell KPCC what stories you want her to look into, what topics need more and better coverage.

What are your Lunar New Year traditions?

Many Southern California residents take part in traditional celebrations to mark Lunar New Year. Traditions and superstitions vary by culture and generation, and KPCC journalists are curious to learn the way you, your friends and family celebrate the day.

Do you own a small or micro-business?

How did you get started and what were the biggest challenges you faced?

Become a KPCC news source

Become a source for Southern California Public Radio and share what you know about our world to help reporters understand what's really going on - and why it matters.

Do food labels affect the way you order?

What effect do food labels have on you, the consumer? Do you care whether something is organic or genetically modified?

Tell KPCC reporters what makes you a 'superfan'

Los Angeles may not have a professional football team (yet), but it is home to legions of die-hard sports fans. Do you bleed blue? Do you belong to Raider Nation? Tell KPCC: What makes you a superfan?

What environment story should KPCC cover?

What environmental issues most affect you where you live, work, drive or play in Southern California? Do you see an environmental story that we're missing? Perhaps we're covering your issue, but you have specific expertise that could help us cover it better. Please take a few minutes to share what you know.

Why do you vote/not vote?

Do you vote, rain or shine, at every election? Do you vote only when an issue or candidate you care about is on the ballot? What are the real-life issues that make you go to the polls or stay home on Election Day?

What experiences shaped your views on immigration?

Are you a recent immigrant? Descended from immigrants? How does your own immigration saga, or that of your forebears influence how you view today's immigration debate?

What are the sounds unique to your neighborhood?

Every neighborhood has a soundscape, a mélange of musical and sometimes nonmusical noises all its own. KPCC's Take Two morning show wants to feature the sounds (good and bad) that provide a soundtrack to your every day.

Do you let your children play contact sports?

The conversation dominates airwaves and Friday-night football. Parents, pundits and politicians are all talking about concussions and traumatic brain injuries. Every year in the United States, more than 300,000 concussions are diagnosed. And now the NFL and others are taking a closer look at the long-term and serious effects they cause. And, as a parent or coach, you’re left to make the decision: Do you let the kids play?

Do you eat the head and the feet?

Whether it's pickled herring, chewy chicken feet, or liver-and-giblet-spiked dirty rice, there are dishes that make some sigh with satisfaction while sparking nausea in others. KPCC reporters want to know your must-have holiday and comfort food dishes.

Do you live in a high-risk fire zone?

Do you live in an area with a high risk for wildfires? You can help KPCC stay on top of this story by sharing your experience. How are you preparing your home or business? What lessons have you learned from the past?

Pass/Fail: What school stories are we missing?

KPCC education reporters want to hear about the experiences that shaped your views on today's schools. Whether you're a teacher, parent, student, school employee or taxpayer, everybody's got a stake in schools. Share what you know and help add depth and diversity to our reporting.

How do you observe Ramadan?

Ramadan 2012 ends Sunday, Aug 19. How did you observe Ramadan? What do you wish others knew about it? Did you set personal or spiritual goals for yourself?

Do you want California to end the death penalty?

Do you favor an initiative to to replace the death penalty with long prison terms? It's is on the California ballot in November, placed there by a group of conservatives who see the current death penalty as costly and inefficient. KPCC reporters want to know what fuels your support or opposition to the death penalty. Resposes are confidential and will help shape our coverage of this issue.

Affordable Care Act upheld -- What changes for you?

The Supreme Court has ruled that the Affordable Care Act, requiring individuals to buy health insurance or pay a penalty, is constitutional. What's at stake for you in the health care overhaul law?

Did you leave Arizona because of SB 1070?

KPCC news reporters want to hear from immigrants and others who left Arizona over SB 1070. Signed into law by Gov. Brewer on April 23, 2010, it makes it a state requirement for immigratnts to carry legal US identification papers at all times -- often leading to the profiling of working-class immigrants and Latinos. The U.S. Supreme Court has upheld the section of the law that permitted law enforcement officers to stop and ask for identification papers. How does that ruling change your relationship with the state of Arizona?

Ages 18-23: Will you vote in 2012?

You're young and you hear it all the time: You are the future. So do you plan to help shape the future by castng a vote in the 2012 presidential election? Why or why not? What drives you to the polls and what keeps you away?

What will you do with the kids this summer?

School's out, and summer school options are scarce in Southern California's strapped school districts. So what's the next best option to fill your kids' days constructively and make sure they are cared for while you're at work?

What was/is your high school secret?

When you were in high school, what was the secret you kept from parents, teachers or friends? We're creating an online feature as a companion piece to a radio documentary on teachers that was (concidentally) recorded at the high school that doubles as the set for "The Secret Life of the American Teenager." We'd like to give a real-world view of the secrets that teenagers, current and past, keep to themselves and why.

What is your expertise?

Everybody's an expert at something, be it work-related or a hobby. What's your expertise? KPCC is building a network of experts and everyday people to call on to help us add depth to our reporting and to find stories that might not be on our radar. What are you better at doing than most people you know?

Love to read?

KPCC talk shows interview lots of authors, and we get lots of suggestions from publishers about the books we cover. But we want to include you in the mix. Tell KPCC what you're reading now, and what new books you're anticipating reading.

Are you following the Mexican presidential election?

KPCC journalists would like to hear from U.S. residents who have Mexican citizenship about how they are experiencing the Mexican presidential campaign here. What issues in the election matter most to you?

What's your work day like?

KPCC business reporters are looking at jobs this month and they want to hear about your on-the-job experiences. Tell KPCC what it's like to be you doing your job on a typical day.

How is your work life changing?

Let's face it -- few workplaces today are the same as they were even a decade ago. Technology, globalization, education and generational changes are making some workplaces better even as they are wiping out others. KPCC business reporters are looking at how work is changing in Southern California, and they need your insights to help tell the story. It's confidential.

What's your real estate plan for 2012?

Buy, sell, hold or walk away? Re-fi? Mod? In an age of low home values and underwater mortgages, what's your real estate strategy?

What's news to you?

What news would you like to hear on KPCC?

Do you have good access to health care?

Share your experiences with health insurance, good and bad, to help inform our reporting on this issue as new laws on national health care policy take effect.

How do you give back?

KPCC reporters are planning news coverage on how Southern Californians are reshaping the philanthropic landscape. How will you pass on your wealth?

Up all night: Where are you after midnight?

If you work or play when others sleep, Off-Ramp wants to hear about your life after midnight.

What's it like to live in a family with mixed immigration status?

Are you in a family that has mixed immigration status? It's a common situation in Southern California, but seldom mentioned outside the family. Help KPCC understand more about what it's like to have a mix of immigration statuses in the same family. Responses are confidential, and seen only by journalists. Nothing published without your permission.

What do you know of military life?

Are you or a loved one in the military? Or a veteran of the armed forces? KPCC wants to hear about your experiences. We're planning some live events and news coverage this fall about how war is changing lives, families and communities in Southern California. We invite you to share your insights and story ideas.

How are you involved in the arts?

KPCC's newsroom wants to hear from the most creative people in Southern California -- the artists. And we're defining that term broadly. If you make, buy, fund or sell art, we'd like to know what interests you right now. You can also become part of ArtSource, KPCC's arts-connected group of news sources who help to inform our coverage of the creative side of Southern California.

Tell KPCC's reporters about your business

As KPCC beefs up its business coverage, we're turning to the frontline experts for insights. That means you! Tell KPCC about your business, what makes it unique and what you're experiencing in the post-recession economy. You can send us a photo or short video about your business. You can also be part of BizSource, the group of local experts we turn to for insights on business and the economy.

Bikes and bucks: Are they related?

When gas prices went sky high in 2008, more people turned to bicycles to cut the cost of commuting. With prices back down, are you continuing to use your bike as much? In what ways is your bicycle helping or hurting your bottom line?

Tell us about your worst vacation

The Madeleine Brand Show wants to hear about America's worst-ever vacations. Have your hopes for a relaxing time away from it all been dashed by ill-mannered hosts, logistics gone wrong, or a comedy of errors?

Send us a photo or document

Did you know you can upload a document, photo or image to the newsroom of KPCC 89.3 FM, Southern California Public Radio? Use this form to send the image and tell us why it matters.

Do you claim two or more races?

Demographers say more people than ever before are describing themselves as biracial or multiracial. But President Barack Obama, whose parents were a black man from Africa and a white woman, identifies himself by the single-race designation, black. If you identify yourself as biracial or multi-racial, is this something new for you? What do you gain or lose by describing your self as coming from two or more races?

Who are the Republicans to watch in 2012?

The primaries have begun, so it's time to ask your preference: Who should be the Republican nominee for president? Who should not? While the questions are about Republicans, KPCC wants to hear from people across the political spectrum. Tell us what you like/dislike about the Obama administration, and share the issues that matter most to you now.

What health stories should we report on?

Good health matters. So does good health reporting. What health-related stories should KPCC report on, and how are you involved in those issues? Are you a health-care worker or a family caregiver? What questions do you have about the new federal health care law? Are you involved in some new type of medical care? Be a news source for KPCC by telling us what health issues matter most to you, and where we should go to report those stories.

Do you know a Tiger Mother?

What's your parenting style? Are you the Tiger mom, for whom no average achievement by your child is good enough? A helicopter parent whose nurturing extends well into the college years? KPCC wants to hear from parents of all parenting styles to help inform our news and education coverage.

Do you ride or live near light rail?

What's light rail in L.A. County mean to you, your work, and your financial well-being? What experiences have you had that illustrate the safety and convenience of riding light rail and living (driving, walking or biking) in proximity of light rail? Share the untold and under-reported stories of the Blue, Red, Green and Gold lines. Are you on the routes of the extension of the Gold Line and the new Expo Line. What do you think of the proposed Purple Line extension a.k.a. Subway to the Sea?

What local history have you witnessed?

Was your family here during World War II or earlier? Were you among the first generation of families to buy houses that had been restricted by ownership covenants? Were you part of court-ordered school integration in Pasadena, Los Angeles and other areas? Our reporters are looking for seldom-aired stories about what it was like to grow up, attend school, raise a family and work in Southern California, where demographic shifts and societal changes have re-defined our region. We’re looking for living witnesses to share their first-hand knowledge for our on-air and online coverage.

Prison lockdowns: How are you affected?

If you live, work or have loved ones in a California state prison, please help our reporters understand the impact of inmate lockdowns from your perspective. What do you know about the causes and fallout of prison lockdowns? Who is helped or harmed when the movement, phone privileges and other activities of thousands of inmates are restricted for weeks, sometimes months at a time? Your responses are confidential, nothing you share here is aired or published without your permission.

Are you a veteran?

You served your country by joining the military, now you're a civilian. What story do you have about the ease or difficulty of veteran life? What could your country do better? What do we get right in the way we treat veterans?

Tell us more about yourself.

The more you tell us about yourself, the better we can find you when a story or talk show needs your expertise, and the better we can match our future questions to your interests. What kind of work do you do? Where do you live? What are your hobbies and passions? Share it here.

Where are your family's roots?

Multi-American is KPCC's new reporting initiative and blog covering the impact of immigrantion and cultural fusion on life in Southern California. Did your famiy cross states, countries or continents to be here? Perhaps your folks have been in Southern California for decades, all while retaining cultural ties to another place. Reporter/Blogger Leslie Berestein Rojas will be covering many facets of the diverse populations in our region. Click the link to share your experiences and be part of the conversation.

What do you know of prison life?

With nearly 300,000 people living behind bars in California, it's likely you know someone who has been an inmate, prison worker, or someone who does business with the local, county, state and federal lockups in our state. Tell KPCC what you've experienced. What works, what doesn't and what needs changing? It's confidential, and our reporters may use your insights to shape future coverage of our jails and prisons.

Economists say the recession is over. What's your take?

How has the recession that began in late 2007 and which appears to have ended by early 2010 helped or hurt you? What signs of economic recovery do you see?

You're working, but are you covering basic needs?

In Los Angeles County, the percentage of working poor (roughly a household income under $44,000 for a family of four) is nearly 6 percentage points higher than the state as a whole. Wages for all but the highest earners have remained about the same or fallen, and many jobs that required little education have been wiped out. If you're working, but not prospering, KPCC would like to hear from you about how you're getting along. What tough economic choices have you made in the past year? What future do you see for yourself in Southern California?

What are today's pressing issues in the Catholic Church?

What personal experiences have drawn you to (or kept you from) the Catholic Church in Southern California? Share your reflections on the church, its challenges and your relationship with the institution and its people. Are you involved in a Catholic parish? A parochial school? What do you think of the church's campaign to grant legal status to illegal immigrants? To end abortion? To relieve poverty? What issues matter most to you?

What's your family story?

Every family has a story that ties today's generation to parents, grandparents and ancestors. Some are migration dramas from another state or country, others are stories of wealth built and wasted, or of heroism and public service. If there's a story in your family that shows your link to prior generations, share it here.

How do school police treat you?

Can school safety collide with individual rights? Are you subject to a daytime curfew? Ever gotten a truancy ticket or fine? How well do the school police protect your kids versus your campus? Responses are confidential.

How does crime touch your life?

Homicide and overall crime rates are down nationwide, but crime still hurts families, businesses and entire neighborhoods. Share what you know and help KPCC's newsroom cover crime from your perspective. Take a few minutes to tell us how crime has changed your family, career or community. It's confidential, nothing is aired or published without your permission.

Is your Facebook private enough?

How are you liking the new privacy controls on Facebook? Meanwhile Some workplaces are embracing social media, but others are putting a lid on how employees may use Facebook, Twitter and other sites. What's going on at your workplace?

Does mainstream culture ever clash with yours?

America is a land of immigrants, and some find it easier than others to assimilate. What's your assimilation story? If your family has been in the U.S. for a long time, what culture clash or assimilation stories have been handed down to you?

Walking in So Cal: Too dangerous?

Have you ever been hit by a car, truck, bus or bike while walking in Southern California? Have you ever hit a pedestrian with your vehicle? What happened? What, if anything changed at the site of your collision to improve safety there?

Recession or Recovery: What are you seeing?

Economists are saying the recession is ending, but what are you feeling at home, at work and in your neighborhood? Are you seeing signs of recovery? What will it take for you to regain confidence in the local economy?

Do you use medical marijuana?

If you use medical marijuana, KPCC would like to hear about your experience getting a doctor's recommendation and going to a dispensary. Did you have an unexpected legal or health issue using medical marijuana? Responses are confidential, nothing shared here is aired or published without permission.

Is a garden changing your life?

What does gardening do for you and your neighborhood? What space have you found to cultivate veggies, herbs and better relationships in your community? Tell your garden stories and share photos, too. We'll add some to our special garden page.

Crumbling California -- What public structure is deteriorating near you?

A broken century-old water main is only the latest public structure to fail. And with the recession causing state and local tax revenues to fall, some planned fixes may be further delayed. What's crumbling in your part of California? Help KPCC build a map of the streets, bridges, water and sewer lines, and other taxpayer-supported assets that you see deteriorating. Send your photos, too.

What's your fave So Cal local blog?

What blogs are part of your local media diet? Which are indipsensible, which clue you in to neighborhood news? If you're blogging, what's your topic and why do you blog?

Can you afford your student loans?

There has been a sharp growth in the amount of money students are borrowing to pay for college, according to the U.S. Department of Education. What's your story? Are you borrowing more than you can afford to repay? What are student loans doing to your future financial security? How do you decide if the degree you are buying with borrowed money is worth what it will cost to repay?

What's the economy doing to your school?

The recession has caused the state to cut what it spends on public schools. At the same time, the number of charter schools is growing. What does all this mean to parents, students and those who teach and work in schools?

Is that government project a boon or a boondoggle?

The federal government is pouring billions of dollars into "shovel ready" projects to stimulate the economy. But will the money be wisely spent? What have you seen go right or wrong?

How are layoffs changing your worklife?

Was yours one of the more than 6 million jobs that have disappeared from the U.S. economy since the recession began in late 2007? How are layoffs changing you, your family or your worklife?

Are you a stakeholder in protecting ocean life?

California is holding talks to decide how to protect ocean fish, mammals, birds and plants. What experiences shape your views on what to protect and what restrictions go too far?

Been profiled? Have you been treated badly because of your looks?

If an authority figure stops and questions you solely because of your race, that's racial profiling. There are other types of profiling -- gender, religious, even class profiling. What experiences have you had that made you feel profiled?

What's your recession survival strategy?

What are you doing, buying, learning or changing to get through this recession? What signs of recovery do you see?

What's the recession doing to your relationships?

Economic troubles can deeply stress our relationships, but they can also lead to greater teamwork and togetherness. Is the recession helping or hurting your love life or family ties?

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