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Community College School -4

Susanica Tam for KPCC

LA disabled college students sue campus over access

Without a campus shuttle, are disabled college students blocked from an adequate education? That'll be the central question in a federal trial set for Tuesday.

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California feels protected against Trump pulling health subsidies

Health Care Costs

Covered California's move to raise premiums on its silver plans was designed to insulate consumers from the effects of Trump's move. Experts think it should work.

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‘Lore’: From terrifying podcast to more terrifying TV show


Creator and co-executive producer Aaron Mahnke talks about how he turned his popular podcast series about dark historical tales into a television show.

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Teams report first progress against NorCal wine country wildfires

APTOPIX California Wildfires

A fifth day of desperate firefighting in California wine country brought a glimmer of hope Friday as crews battling the flames reported their first progress toward containing the massive blazes.

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Trump supporters launch recall attempt against Gov. Brown

Jerry Brown

Organizers of the recall say they're fed up with Brown’s liberal-leaning agenda and will work to gather the signatures needed to try and get him out of office.

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Democrats ramp up SoCal campaigns in effort to retake US House

Democrats are targeting GOP congressional seats representing California districts where voters chose presidential candidate Hillary Clinton over Donald Trump.

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This Friday the 13th, may we be as lucky as the passengers of flight 666 to HEL


They landed safely in Helsinki, on the last-ever Friday 13th Flight 666 that Finnair plans to operate. It turns out even people who don't believe in superstitions can be infected by fearfulness.

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New LA renter protections in the pipeline


With apartments in short supply, the city is moving toward adding more protections for tenants fearful of being pushed out of their units.

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Students get hands-on training for technical theater jobs


It takes more than just a star to put on a show: there’s a lot of behind-the-scenes work, too. One program teaches students the skills to get technical work in the entertainment industry.