Crime & Justice

Federal Judge Denies New Mexico Compound Residents Bail

LA sheriff says, use a gun, no more early release from jail

LA supes move closer to putting jail spending initiative on the ballot

Environment & Science

LA aims to eliminate 25% of smog before the 2028 Olympics

Climate Change Drives Bigger, Wetter Storms — Storms Like Florence

Native American Tribes File Lawsuit Seeking To Invalidate Keystone XL Pipeline Permit


E-scooters will stay in Santa Monica...on some conditions

Will more LA immigration judges ease growing case backlog?

Long Beach Cambodians seek a stronger political voice

US & World

'Vampire Facial' Becomes Actual Horror As N.M. Spa Clients Face HIV Testing

17 Apps To Help You Get Through The Hurricane

Hurricane Florence: Travel Begins To Snarl As Storm Closes In


Senators Demand Answers From CFPB Head After Student Loan Watchdog's Resignation

Student Borrowers And Advocates Win Court Case Against DeVos

If 'Free College' Sounds Too Good To Be True, That's Because It Often Is


Update: A Young Man's Experiment With A 'Living Drug' For Leukemia

New Medicare Advantage Tool To Control Drug Prices Could Narrow Choices

A Setback For Massachusetts In States' Drive To Contain Medicaid Drug Spending


New York Governor Cuomo Beats Back Primary Challenge From Actress Cynthia Nixon

House And Senate Negotiators Strike Deal To Avoid Shutdown Threat

L.A. County to see more non-English voting help in November

Business & Economy

California's high poverty rate still leads the nation

Los Angeles continues crack down on illegal pot shops

LA County approves funding for cities to address homelessness

Arts & Entertainment

Paul Gilding: How Do We Continue To Grow If The Earth Has Reached Its Limit?

The Los Angeles Master Chorale wants thousands of people around California to sing

Sacha Baron Cohen Is Hit-And-Miss In 'Who Is America?'