Environment & Science



What you need to know about the Rim of the Valley proposal

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Moths Still Attacking KPCC


Brentwood residents sound off about Sunset traffic

Fuel up! California's pricier summer gas is on the way

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2nd Street tunnel reopened after emergency repairs

Arts & Entertainment

LA jury to decide whether 'Stairway to Heaven' riff was lifted

How the team behind 'Hamilton' brought 'Grease: Live' to TV

After shooting attack in Orlando, an unsure E3

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Groundbreaking artist Claire Falkenstein's infinite appeal seen in 2 new shows

Business & Economy

US appeals court upholds net neutrality rules in full

Microsoft to buy networking site LinkedIn for $26.2 billion

Brexit: How a vote on June 23 in the UK could affect your wallet

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Why LA County is opening a 'Center for Financial Empowerment'

Crime & Justice

Ex-state Sen. Ron Calderon to plead guilty, prosecutors say

Vigils to be held in LA to honor victims of Orlando massacre

Armed man going to LA Pride parade twice accused of gun threats

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Photos: Los Angeles remembers victims of the Orlando massacre


Orange County homeless want to use food stamps at restaurants

This doctor wants to help California figure out aid-in-dying

So you're going to a place with Zika? Here's what you need to know

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LA moves to require farmers markets to accept food stamps


Latinos and American identity in a time of Trump: A postcard from El Paso

In a huge shift, most Californians now support transgender law

PolitiFact: 'Pants On Fire' for claim that Sanders won Calif.

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Election 2016 results: Hahn, Barger, Do leading in supes races

US & World

Scheduled flights to Cuba approved for as early as this fall

Should the Census start counting the LGBT population?

Is the Zika threat enough to delay or end Olympic dreams?

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Sailors can get more ink under new Navy regulations


Occidental didn't respond promptly to sexual assault cases, feds say

More than 6 million US students are 'chronically absent'

Minority students are the new majority in US public schools

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Artists step in to reimagine spaces for juvenile offenders