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Take Two FOR June 14, 2016

The evolution of radicalism, talking to kids about sexual assault, E3 preview

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A look at homegrown extremism and self-radicalization, how parents can have those tough conversations with their kids about sexual assault, E3 preview with Mike Roe.
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Nation torn over how to describe worst shooting in history


If civilians and policymakers can't agree on how to discuss Sunday's shooting, what hope do they have of preventing more violence?


Native American foster care and the struggle to find indigenous carers in LA


The effort to change the long standing piece of legislation designed to keep indigenous families together when Native American foster carers are lacking.

The Brood: After Stanford case, parents talk with kids about consent


The case has sparked outrage and protest. It's also given parents an opportunity to talk about physical boundaries and moral responsibility with their kids.

80 percent of LGBT people killed are minorities


And crimes against LGBT people in L.A. County spiked 14 percent in 2014.

The game has changed: LGBT athletes are welcomed by teams


"The idea that athletes are going to be rejected by their teammates and their coaches and fans just is not true anymore," says Cyd Zeigler, cofounder of Outsports and author of, "Fair Play."

New music from Kany Garcia, Gloria Trevi and more


On Tuesday Reviewsday, our weekly new music segment, we've got regional Mexican music, sweet Latin American inspired tunes and the infamous Gloria Trevi.

Orlando shooting: LA's LGBT, Muslim communities speak out


L.A. LGBT Center CEO Lorri Jean, and Ramy El Etreby, who identifies as a gay Muslim, discuss the roles of safety and faith following the Orlando shooting.

How the Orlando shooting will alter the conversation around gun control in the 2016 election


A closer look at the impact of the Orlando shooting and how it could alter the conversation around gun control in the 2016 election,

On the Lot: a sequel wins the box office, a visit to Skywalker Ranch and celebrating composer John Williams


Every week we talk about the business of Hollywood with Rebecca Keegan, entertainment reporter for the LA Times. 

Clinton, Trump share plans for combatting homegrown extremism


President Obama has just seven months left in office. Changes to gun laws and a long-term plan for combatting homegrown extremism will likely fall on the lap of his successor.

What can the US do to prevent homegrown terror?


President Obama said today it appears that the Orlando shooting rampage was a case of "homegrown extremism."

Seeking birthright citizenship for American Samoans


A group in Carson has been pushing to correct what they see as a historic wrong: a law from the early 1900s that denies American Samoans birthright citizenship.

School for hard knocks: learning the basics of stunt driving


A California school teaches things like how to lock your back wheels to do a wild slide, and something called a 'juicy lift." Its curriculum is stunt driving

LA developing national model to help LGBT foster kids


Some parents are afraid to foster or adopt an LGBT kid because they think they're different. Experts are trying to teach people that they aren't.

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