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FOR August 12, 2017

Jerry Rice

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Jerry Rice, NFL Hall of Famer, joins us along with panelists Paula Poundstone, Alonzo Bodden, and Roy Blount, Jr.
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'Culture Of Violence' Pervades Rikers' Juvenile Facilities


Automatically charged as adults in New York, the 16- and 17-year-old boys are at risk for assault by both corrections officers and other inmates. But advocates say reform efforts are moving slowly.

Should You Stock Up On Chocolate Bars Because Of Ebola?


The virus has already caused one spike in chocolate prices, because cocoa is grown in countries that border Ebola-stricken Liberia and Guinea. Prices went back down — for the moment.

Dutch Bikers Join Fight Against ISIS In Iraq


The fight against militants in the Islamic State is gearing up — literally. Some members of a Dutch motorcycle club have joined forces with Kurds battling ISIS in northern Iraq.

Santa Cruz Enforces California's Toughest Drought Restrictions


California cities are taking drastic measures and none more so than Santa Cruz, where rationing is enforced through penalties. And if you can't afford to pay your fine, there's always Water School.

CDC To Act Faster When A U.S. Hospital Gets An Ebola Patient


The CDC is putting more resources into helping hospitals prepare and handle Ebola patients. This, after a nurse treating Ebola patient Thomas Duncan in Dallas became infected with the virus.

Female Veterans Aim For Washington While Navigating Campaign Trail


A military resume has long been a big plus for political candidates. Only 5 female veterans have served in Congress, but 11 are running this year — including Republican Wendy Rogers in Arizona.

Fractures Within Alliance May Hamper U.S. Campaign Against ISIS


President Obama met with allied defense chiefs to discuss the campaign against militants from the Islamic State. They've been gaining ground in Iraq and Syria, prompting questions about U.S. strategy.

Turkey Straddles Western Allegiances And Mideast Realities


Steve Inskeep talks to Charles King, Georgetown professor and author of --Midnight at the Pera Palace: The Birth of Modern Istanbul — about how Turkey's geography defines it politically.

Ahead Of Iran Nuclear Talks, Kerry Meets With Russia's Lavrov


John Kerry is in Vienna for a meeting with Iran's foreign minister as a deadline approaches for a nuclear deal. Kerry was in Paris on Tuesday to consult with other partners including Russia.

Football Players In Sayreville, N.J., Charged In Sexual Assault


Seven football players at Sayreville War Memorial High School have been charged in connection with criminal sexual contact involving younger players. The state may charge them as adults.

113-Year-Old Woman Lies About Her Age So She Can Join Facebook


Born in 1900, Anna Stoehr has seen dramatic shifts in technology. But when the Minnesota woman tried to create a Facebook account, she hit a snag. The service couldn't handle her early birthdate.

Software Error Causes Nielsen Rating Mistake


For more than 260 weeks, ABC World News Tonight trailed NBC Nightly News. At last, they finally won a week. A software glitch, however, caused ABC to come out on top. NBC was restored to the top spot.

Rosie Perez Settles In As The First Latina Co-Host On 'The View'


One month into the job on ABC's The View, Rosie Perez talks about how things are going so far. She says one of the only things about the job that's not fun is the expectations of some critics.

Nonprofit NFL Seeks Super Bowl Volunteers, Again


The NFL is looking for 10,000 volunteers for this season's Super Bowl. Commentator Frank Deford thinks other causes are more deserving.

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